Dogs are always considered to be a man’s best friend.  Pitbull, a breed of dogs is known for its vicious attacks. They are less preferred over other dog breeds to live in domestic conditions. Probably, they can rip your throats out and should be kept away from humans. Sure, there are many people who think that they are harmless dogs because they choose to ignore the facts that can act against them.

A Twitter thread tried to put the fact out and so, many people shared their stories about the vicious attacks they have faced in their lives. If you are a person with a weak heart, do not scroll down,

#1 The OG post was by @Girlbitesback

yes, we were fooling around you. Pitbulls are absolutely adorable dogs and we adore them

There are countless stories of pit bull type dogs ‘suddenly exploding’. This seems to be the common layperson’s explanation whenever there has been a bad bite or a fatality, but the actual incidents of true explosive rage in any breed of dog are very rare. Many bites are the result of a combination of environment and circumstance. The signs of discomfort might be subtle and easily misunderstood, ignored, or go unnoticed until they come together in a perfect storm that ends in a bite. Dogs never bite ‘out of the blue’ or ‘for no reason.’ There is always a reason for every behavior

#2 And Patrick continued

All too often people get pit bull types and fail to give them the outlets they need, or worse, turn them into loaded weapons. Their ‘gameness’ and desire to please tends to attract the wrong kind of people who use them to enhance personal image and status, or as protection for themselves or their families. Many pit bull types are kept in the yard tethered to a chain their entire lives, causing hyper-reactivity and fear which has on occasion led to disaster. Until authorities take more notice of the other end of the leash and hold people accountable for their dogs’ behavior, the situation will remain the same.

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