What is Lockwood & Co. About?

Lockwood & Co.” is a detective thriller series, drawing inspiration from Jonathan Stroud’s acclaimed novels. Set in London, the show centers on a small yet formidable agency helmed by two young protagonists.

The introduction of Lucy Carlyle, a gifted psychic investigator, adds a new dimension to the team’s pursuit of uncovering paranormal mysteries in the city. Armed with chains, salt bombs, and iron filings, this trio embarks on a journey to confront spectral entities and unearth enigmatic phenomena.

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Under the direction of William McGregor, Catherine Morshead, and Joe Cornish, “Lockwood & Co.” masterfully balances its narrative with supernatural elements. The story seamlessly intertwines, offering viewers an engaging experience that navigates the line between reality and the unknown.

The series’ =portrayal of detectives battling ghostls resonates deeply, and if you’re left craving for more, we’ve curated a niche selection of similar recommendations that align with your taste. Many of these shows, including “Lockwood & Co.,” are available for streaming on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu!

8 Shows Like Lockwood & Co.

8. “The Messengers” (2015)

the messengers

A group of strangers, seemingly chosen at random, meet a sudden and mysterious demise, only to inexplicably return to life. Tasked with saving the world from impending catastrophe, these individuals discover newfound supernatural abilities that propel them into a battle against an ancient malevolent force. As they confront dark forces and evade a covert organization, parallels emerge with the agency kids of “Lockwood & Co.,” both driven by a shared goal: averting global peril.

7. “Utopia” (2020)


Gillian Flynn’s rendition of the science fiction series “Utopia” centers on a group of teenagers stumbling upon an underground comic book that unveils a global conspiracy. Struggling against a powerful organization, these young minds must decipher cryptic secrets within the comic’s pages to thwart nefarious intentions. The show’s thematic alignment with “Lockwood & Co.” showcases brilliant young minds uniting against sinister forces, resonating with fans of teen-driven narratives.

6. “Truth Seekers” (2020)

Truth Seekers

A British horror comedy, “Truth Seekers,” co-created by Nick Frost, Simon Pegg, James Serafinowicz, and Nat Saunders, follows Gus Roberts, an engineer who doubles as a paranormal investigator. Teaming up with Elton John, a quirky bookstore owner, the duo employs an array of paranormal equipment to confront supernatural entities. Their pursuit unwittingly entangles them in a web of government secrets. Much like “Lockwood & Co.,” this show spotlights a group of amateur ghost hunters navigating uncharted territories.

5. “The Nevers” (2021- )

The Nevers

Set in the Victorian era, “The Nevers” follows women bestowed with extraordinary abilities, forming a group to protect and guide those affected by newfound powers. Led by Amalia True, these women stand against a secret society intent on exploiting their gifts. As themes of power and gender intersect, the parallels to “Lockwood & Co.” emerge through psychic and arcane elements that shape the series’ unique narrative.

4. “His Dark Materials” (2019-2022)

His Dark Materials

In a world where human souls reincarnate as daemons, “His Dark Materials” tracks Lyra Belacqua’s journey to unravel mysteries beyond her imagination. As she uncovers portals, otherworldly substances, and enigmatic figures, Lyra’s quest mirrors the supernatural intrigue of “Lockwood & Co.” Both narratives celebrate strong, empowered female characters navigating extraordinary circumstances.

3. “The Exorcist” (2016-2018)

The Exorcist

Based on the iconic novel by William Peter Blatty, “The Exorcist” introduces two priests grappling with demonic possession and paranormal phenomena. As they battle an ancient evil, the priests encounter individuals with unique abilities, mirroring the psychic assistance Lucy provides in “Lockwood & Co.”

2. “Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” (2016-2017)

Dirk Gently's

“Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency” follows the eccentric detective Dirk as he navigates a web of interconnected mysteries. Encountering individuals with extraordinary powers, Dirk’s chaotic yet comical journey draws parallels to the inexpert ghost hunters of “Lockwood & Co.”

1. “Mob Psycho 100” (2016-2022)

Mob Psycho 100

Centered around Shigeo Kageyama, an average middle-school boy with psychic powers, “Mob Psycho 100” captures his struggle to control his abilities. Employed by a “medium,” Mob’s battles against supernatural forces mirror Lucy’s role in aiding the agency of “Lockwood & Co.” The show’s captivating blend of supernatural action and comedy resonates with fans seeking an emotional rollercoaster.