Have you ever seen the cute and adorable comic of Pixie and Brutus? Well, it started as a random comic idea, and now, it went viral. 

“Pixie is a tiny, joyful, energetic kitten,” artist Ben Hed, told us once. “She’s innocent, and also somewhat oblivious to the serious, dangerous stuff around her.” Brutus on the other hand “was adopted by Pixie’s owner after retiring as a Military Working Dog (MWD). Brutus, in many ways, is the exact opposite of Pixie. He’s… seen things. He’s a very serious and intimidating military dog, but he has a soft spot for Pixie, and does what he can to protect her from the harsh realities of the world around them.”

Scroll down to check out this cute comic strip.


“I’ve never really included current events in any of my comics,” Ben told us. “It’s not that it’s a conscious decision, it just doesn’t happen naturally for me. Maybe if my comics were more about humans and less about cats and dogs, then it’d be different.”


“I draw comics alone in a dark room in my own home, so I’m already pretty much quarantined all day!” he said. “Nothing really changed in that regard.”


“It’s really just whatever I come up with. Naturally, Pixie and Brutus comics aren’t the only comic ideas that pop into my head. Sometimes I think of a joke or story that doesn’t really fit with P and B, so I make it using other recurring characters or even completely new characters instead,” Ben explained.


“I do worry about each comic’s performance, but I worried about that before I created Pixie and Brutus too. Following that interview, his fan army substantially increased, which he said never ceases to shock him.”


Tons of feedback. What they liked about the comic, what they thought was going to happen, ideas for future comics, ideas for new characters. There are probably a couple of funny comics in my feed that are entirely inspired by a comment on one of my posts.”


“This comic took longer than any other comic I’ve posted to Instagram, partially because of the length and detail, and partially because of the amount of research I put into it before drawing anything,” Ben said.