On Wednesday, NBA’s scoring list showed Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James passed forward Wilt Chamberlin on fifth place against Portland Trail Blazers.

NBA’s all-time scoring list showed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ranking 1st place with 38387 points, Karl Malone at 2nd place with 36928 points, Kobe Bryant at 3rd place with 33643 points, at 4th place was Michael Jordan with 32292 points, 5th place was LeBron James with 31425 points and  at the 6th place was Wilt Chamberlain with 31419 points.

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Before his postgame interview, James said when he is able to do what he loves to do and do it at the level of being mentioned with the great players, it reminds him of his hometown of Akron and where he comes from and how hard it was for him to get at this point and being never satisfied.

James came forward to Chamberlin in the fourth quarter of charity stripe. He recorded 44 points on 13-of-19 shooting, 10 rebounds, nine dimes, 3 rejections in 36 minutes in 126-117 Lakers victory. Since Kobe Bryant’s 60 point game in 2016, 44 points were the most by a laker.

He also told to the reporters that his game ball and the uniform will be sent to his school called I Promise in Akron.

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James will need 867 points more to beat Michael Jordan for the fourth place.

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