We are sure that you might know a few things about the late Princess Diana. If there is one thing that she was famous for, it was for being rebellious. She has truly set an example in the world of royalty and we are glad that she has blessed this world with her presence. Just in case you don’t know, she has broken so many royalty rules that we cannot count them on both our hands. OMG! 

If you like her just the way we admire her, this is going to be one of your favorite posts. You can just scroll down to know a few things about her.  

1. She gave birth in a hospital.

If there is anyone who has broken the tradition of home births, it’s Princess Diana. Instead of the palace, she has given birth to Prince William at St. Mary’s Hospital in London.

2. She prioritized her children over her duties.

If there was one thing that Princess Diana absolutely loved, it was being a mother. In an interview, she has even said that she “loved nothing more than being a mother.”

3. She sent her sons to a school.

She was also the first British royal who had fought to send her son to a public school. Thus, Prince William became the first royal who got a public school education.

4. She brought the boys along on official trips.

Princess Diana always took her children with her to the official trips. She started this trend with the 9-months old Prince William and took him to Australia and New Zealand. Now, her children are doing the same.

5. She spoke to children at eye-level.

Another great thing that Princess Diana did was that she talked with children at an eye-level. And the best thing is that even now, her children follow the same thing.

6. She exposed the princes to ordinary life.

Surely Princess Diana was a royal who married into a royal family. But according to the royal staff, she always wanted her children to experience ordinary things. That’s why she would jump on the bed in her pajamas with her children, take them to movies, amusement parks, and make them stand in the McDonald’s line.

7. She remained a hands-on mother above all else.

Princess Diana not just nursed her children at birth but also take them to trip with her. You might not know this but she used to adjust her schedule according to her sons. She has also said “Don’t call me an icon. I’m just a mother trying to help.”