We all have a habit of creating a perception about things and the world. Based on the perception we create in our mind, we see the world according to what we think and believe. Similarly, dogs have their own perceptions. Even if they are super intelligent and have the greatest sense, they do not have a human mind, and therefore they do not function like us. According to their perception, an artist has created these illustrations that give us an insight into what a dog really thinks.

Robert Brown, is an artist based in Los Angeles and he is currently working at the Nickelodeon Animations. He illustrated hilarious dog illustrations that conspicuously describe how dogs see day-to-day things that we humans can never understand.

Scroll down to take a look at these amazing illustrations.

#1 Every time you come home to your pupper.

#2 When you’re leaving your goofball home alone while you go out for running.

#3 When it’s your canine’s bath time. What it actually is and how your dog sees it.

#4 “Umm… I need more of that, hooman.”

When it comes to dog food choices, they are not picker eaters. Whatever you want to eat is all that they want. You really don’t have to go that extra mile to feed your silly puppy. But there are certain food ideas that they enjoy and prefer more than others. In fact, they can be pretty addicted to them. Just like in the illustration above, a burger is something that most of us eat daily. But even if we don’t eat it regularly, we enjoy it once in a while. But for a dog, eating a burger once, and liking it becomes an addiction. Then they would want to eat a burger every day. It is like a drug for them. They can’t resist themselves from having a bit. The smell of it instigates their taste buds immediately.

Well, you can’t blame them. It can be pretty tempting for you as well.

#5 Any loud sound can be a threat to them. Especially, when they hear the sound of thunder on a stormy day or when someone turns on the vacuum cleaner.

#6 Poop is not just poop, it’s food.

#7 The toilet seat is a whole new world.