The season of releasing the interesting players continues. And this time it is the GOAT of the Buffalo Bills.

Buffalo Bills have released their Quarterback Nathan Peterman. This information came just after the new sensation of the Bills, Matt Barkley showed an amazing performance in the game against Jets this Sunday.

The announcement came in a tweet by the Buffalo Bills on November 13, 2018 at 6:30 A.M.

Source- SNY

You might be wondering how good a player he was. Let us have a look over his stats in this season. Okay, wait! We have a better answer for it. This season Nathan Peterman had more touchdown passes to his opposition rather than helping his own team. I think this should work right?

So, we can proudly say that one of the worst quarterbacks to have ever set foot in NFL History is released. This article might sound rude, but it is true indeed.

Source- The Daily Snark

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