It’s no doubt that many of our parents would do anything to help us out. Without expecting much in return, they help us through the hardest situations in life. 

Below is one such lovely story that we have found for you. 

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The woman, named Cecile Eledge, was a surrogate for her beloved son, Matthew, and his husband Elliot. She went above and beyond to make her son happy! 

At the age of 61-year-old, Cecile Eledge from Nebraska recently gave birth to her granddaughter. Cecile Eledge embarked on this special journey so her son and his husband could have a baby of their own.

The family went through a lengthy process to determine if Eledge was a good candidate to serve as a gestational surrogate. Her age was a consideration, and she underwent several tests before doctors said she could carry the embryo. Dougherty’s sister donated the egg and Matthew Eledge donated this sperm. 

They finally met with a reproductive endocrinologist. They were delighted to hear that the doctor would be happy to help out with their mission. Before this, they were unsure that a doctor would allow the grandmother of the to go through this. Although Cecile hadn’t been pregnant in over 30 years and had gone through menopause over a decade ago, the process began.

Before the pregnancy was initiated, Cecile had to undergo some testing. Once Cecile passed all of her tests, hormone treatments began and Elliot’s sister’s eggs were fertilized with Mathew’s sperm. Despite the challenges that seemed to be facing her, Cecile became pregnant on her very first try with implantation. Although the pregnancy wasn’t easy because of her age, she handled it with grace.

“The entire team from doctors to nurses to lab techs showed a beautiful balance of professionalism and compassion,” Matthew Eledge said.

She went through morning sickness and blood pressure spikes, but despite all of the odds, the baby girl was finally born and named Uma.

Uma was even born without the need for a C-section! Naturally, the fathers of the child were overcome with emotion during the birthing process, letting their tears flow without shame.

“We are thankful for how the whole process worked,” Matthew Eledge said. “We are grateful that both Uma and her grandma are here, happy and healthy. For the time being, we’re just going to relax and enjoy this moment.”

“I don’t know how to describe her; she’s remarkable. I have such deep respect for her and am so gracious that even as a grown adult she continues to go above and beyond for me,” Matthew told us.

When asked about the birthing process, Cecile told us that it wasn’t hard for her to give the baby to her son. She felt like the baby was her grandchild all along, and pregnancy had worn her out so much that she was happy to hand over the infant to her loving parents!

Thanks to a mother who dreamed of becoming a grandmother, and two determined dads, Uma will grow up knowing her whole family did all they could to bring her into this world.