5G Technology: Does it pose health risks?

With the introduction of 5G technology in certain parts of the UK, there are few questions raising about it too. One of the most common is whether 5G is posing health threats to people or not. If yes, how can we prevent them?

What makes 5G different?

The 5G networks too rely on signals transmitted by the radio waves. What makes them more efficient is that they use higher frequencies. And, for travelling faster in shorter distances, more transmitter masts are installed closer to ground level.

Health concerns

Earlier too, the mobile phone technologies led people to worry about leading health risks. Some of them also pointed towards the development of different types of cancer. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) later announced that there were no such possible threats. At the same time, they also classified all types of radiofrequency radiations as “possibly carcinogenic”.

Is 5G cancerous? from NoStupidQuestions

Even the previous studies pointed towards the development of cancerous tumour in a rat’s heart due to exposure of radiations. To check the same, the bodies of rats were exposed to radiations for more than 9 hours a day. But, no such links were found. In fact, those mice lived longer.

But the scientists said that the study on mice cannot be compared with the impact of cell phones on humans. Thus, the heavy users might get some disease. Thus, a group of scientists have written to the EU to halt the roll-out of 5G technology.


Heating Dangers

5G Technology: Does it pose health risks?

Also, there are heating risks linked to 5G technology. This is because the part of the 5G spectrum lies in the microwave band. And, microwaves produce immense heat. However, Prof Rodney Croft says that the levels of microwaves used for 5G do not produce any harmful heating effects.

Also, as the 5G technology requires more number of transmitters, thus, they would run at more low power than the ones used in 4G technology. Therefore, there will be less exposure to radiation from 5G antennas.

5G Technology: Does it pose health risks?

ICNIRP has studied these radiations in-depth and found them well below the levels that can cause any harm. Also, WHO ensures that the exposures below those levels do not pose any threats to health.

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