Adam Housley and Tamera Mowry are Apparently Searching for their Niece

    Source: usmagazine

    Reportedly Tamera Mowry is searching and looking after the information related to her niece after the shooting at a college bar in California’s Thousand Oaks in late Wednesday night.

    Source: twitter

    Mowry-Housley has allegedly responded to an early tweet on the morning of Thursday after the alleged girl posted a few pictures of her suitemate who was already missing on the social media.

    The former star of Sister wrote that “Ashley this Tamera Mowry Housley, her aunt. Will you please DM me about your information?”

    Source: twitter

    The suitemate has reportedly responded and told the The Real star that she has been contact by the husband of  The Adventures of Hyperman Star. Adam Housley, the husband of Tamera, is a former correspondent of Fox News. In another tweet, Tamera has asked people to pray for her niece by tweeting that a pocketful of young girls went for a line dance one night and most of them are not accounted for it.

    Los Angeles Times has reported that Housley has tried searching for his missing niece around 3:30 am at Los Robles Regional Medical Center, however, got turned away at hospital as it was on a lockdown.

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