Imagine that it’s a beautiful Sunday morning and you are relaxing in your garden. While you were taking the first sip of your morning coffee, you saw an uninvited guest coming towards your house. Now, what will you do? Oh no, wait, we are not talking about your friends, relatives, or neighbors but about raccoons. So, what would you do? Would you go near them or feed them? Well, that’s the two most important things you should NEVER do. 

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To understand more about this cute and adorable animal, we have talked to Dr. Suzanne MacDonald. She has done research with raccoons and knows a lot about them. She says that “Give them space, don’t feed them, and just enjoy their antics from a safe distance. If you feed them, they will come—and they will tell their friends. You will regret it, trust me!”

Till the time you are waiting for this cute animal to show up in your backyard, you can see the pictures of precious raccoons that we have found just for you. Scroll down and have a look. 

#1 My Coworkers Dog Taco And His Pet Raccoon

#2 Raccoons Like My Post, You Should Too

#3 Just In Case You Were Having A Bad Day Look How Happy This Raccoon Is With His Stuffed Raccoon

She further said that “I wouldn’t say that makes them ‘smarter,’ but it certainly does make urban raccoons more likely to be able to open trash cans and get into our attics than rural raccoons. I can’t say whether these differences are innate or whether urban raccoons learn how to do those things, so the next step is to compare baby urban and rural raccoons on the same tasks to see if the differences exist from birth. This is easier said than done so it is taking several years to collect enough data”.

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#4 Once In A Lifetime …. Albino Raccoon Found On Our Vacation In Texas

#5 Trash Pandas Found At Work

#6 So I Set My Deer Feeder High Off The Ground So The Raccoons Couldn’t Reach It

“A researcher over 100 years ago did a memory test to compare dogs, monkeys, raccoons, and children, and he claimed that the raccoons and kids were the smartest! Certainly, raccoons are not evil geniuses, and they don’t compare with humans in terms of brainpower. Dogs are pretty special, too, because they evolved with humans and so are exquisitely tuned to human behavior. Raccoons have their own kind of smarts, not really the same as any other animal,” she said.

#7 When You Realize You Don’t Want To Be Responsible For Anything Anymore And You Just Want To Nap And Be Small

#8 Our 93-Year-Old Neighbor Passed Away On Sunday. Apparently, He Was Feeding These Little Sweeties. Now They Come To Our Door. My Husband Is The New Proud Father Of These 4 Trash Pandas

#9 For Me?

#10 You Forgot To Pick Me Up From Practice

#12 Trash Panda On Its Way To The Promised Land

#13 The Situation At My Friends Apartment Right Now

#14 Found A Raccoon In This Exact Position

#15 This Guilty Raccoon

#16 My Sister Sent Me This Pic Of A Trash Panda Hanging Out In Her Neighbor’s Gutter

#17 Best Day Ever, Took A Lot To Pull Myself Away

#18 While Taking Wedding Photos In The Park, We Were Visited By A Friendly Family Of Trash Pandas! They Checked Us Out For A Few Minutes, Then Went On Their Way

#19 Inviting A Few Friends Over For Dinner

#20 “A Raccoon Introduces His Shy And Hairless Brother To His Friends”

#21 One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

#22 Little Trash Panda’s First Steps Into Fine Arts

#23 Happy Halloween, Everyone

#24 A Rare Shot Of Guardians Of The Galaxy 3 Casting Call

#25 Found This Picture Of Me And My Pet Raccoon Fishing Together. He’d Wait For Me To Catch And Reel In A Fish So He Could Grab It And Eat It

#26 This Fat Fool Had To Be Rescued By Animal Control

#27 That Is A Racoon Riding A Javelina

#28 What Taking Care Of 4 Trash Pandas Is Really Like

#29 He Was So Ashamed Of Needing Human Help

#30 Paint Me Like One Of Your French Trash Pandas

#31 If You’re Having A Bad Day Just Go Outside, Maybe You’ll Stumble Upon Some Adorable Trash Pandas

#32 In 200 Feet, Turn Right At The Intersection

#33 Baby Raccoon Hiding From Me

#34 He Snack And Get Fat. But Most Importantly – Don’t Fit Down Crack

#35 I’m Listening