50 Times Dogs Acted So Weird, It Made Us Say Dog.exe Has Stopped Working

Have you seen a boxer dog? If you have, you might know that this dog breed is super smart, intelligent, active, and handsome. But there is another side of boxers that you might not be aware of. We are talking about funny, hilarious, goofy, and adorable.

We know you might be thinking that boxers are not that friendly. It’s because they have high energy all the time. So they can be pretty aggressive. But trust us, boxers are super cute and the pictures that we have found prove this thing.

Scroll down to see the double-sided silly dog personality and celebrate the foolishness of funny boxers with us. 

#1 Hannibal’s Owners Went On Vacation Without Him And Left Him At The Doggy Motel. This Is How Hannibal Greeted Them When They Returned

#2 Our Boxer Puppy Laying On Our Adult Boxer

#3 Show Me Where The Bullies Are 

#4 His Parents Were Balloon Animals

#5 This Is What She Does In The Shallow, She Stands There…

#6 Neighbor’s Dog Comes To The Back Door And Just Looks Around Inside For My Dog When He Wants Him To Come Out And Play

#7 My Friend’s Dog Is Not Happy About Leaving The Dog Park Early

#8 I Took A Picture Of My Boxer Enjoying A Ditch Full Of Daisies

#9 Leaving Work On Friday

#10 Who Is A Chicken Now?

#11 Derp Town

#12 Tyson’s Reaction To An Offer To Go For A Walk

#13 I Am Dogsitting The Most Interesting Dog In The World. Every Time I Walk Through The Living Room, He’s Got A New Pose For Me

#14 Busted

#15 Bubba Doesn’t Know What To Do In A Car When His Bed Isn’t There

#16 My Dad Has Just Figured Out How To Use The Front Camera. This Is The First Picture He Sent

#17 We’re Gonna Need A Bigger Seat

#18 My Parents Boxer With Her Favorite Ball

#19 There Is No Lap Too Small For A Boxer

#20 Chago Enjoying The Trampoline

#21 Meet Dozer!

#22 New Best Friend

#23 Leonardo Watching The Fish, He Loves To Do This!

#24 I Didn’t Think I Could Laugh Any Harder… Until She Started Snoring. World Here’s My Boxer Reba

#25 My Boxer Likes To Be Cradled Like A Baby. Then He Likes To Touch My Beard

#26 I Tried To Photograph A Sweet Moment Of My Dogs Cuddling, Instead, I Captured The Spawn Of Satan

#27 When A Man Came Running Down The Street To Tell Us Our Dogs Were On The Roof, We Thought He Was Joking… He Wasn’t

#28 He’s Not Really Sure What To Do With Her

#29 How Did This Happen?

#30 Scary Corgi Is Scary

#31 Adopted Him 14 Months Ago. I Get To See This Face Every Single Night. No Regrets

#32 My Manager Brought His Dog Into Work Today

#33 From My Friend’s Halloween Party

#34 Boxers Reading About Boxers

#35 Accidentally Terrified My Pup While He Was Sleeping In The Sun

#36 I Think My Dog Wants To Be A Mob Boss For Halloween

#37 Princess Leia Loves Her Pacifier

#38 I’m Sure My Daddy Will Be Driving Into The Driveway Any Minute Now…

#39 Master Of Hiding

#40 Dog Refuses To Give Up Ball To Silly Human

#41 Quincy’s First Time Talking To A Girl Had Mixed Results…

#42 Not Stuck, Just Resting

#43 Daddy’s Boxer Puppies Are Looking For Mommy’s Boobies

#44 Came Home To This… Have You Ever Done Something That Was Fun At The Time, But After Was A Bad Idea? Well Imagine Doing It And Then Not Being Able To Escape From What You Did

#45 Surrender!

#46 Just Sitting Here, Chilling

#47 Cooking With Lucy

#48 My Dogs Face Whenever I Eat Chocolate

#49 My Boxer Isn’t Allowed To Be On The Couch. He Won This One On A Technicality

#50 Someone Is Not Amused

#51 Brother Fell Asleep On The Floor. Rambo Decided He Wanted To Join…

#52 Dutchie Opened The Window During A Car Wash

#53 Boxer

#54 Buzz The Boxer Loving John Lewis Advert

#55 Girlfriend Decided To Put A Sock On My Dogs Foot, And My Dog Seemed A Little Shocked To Say The Least

#56 Boxers, Supposedly A Smart Breed

#57 My Friend’s Boxer Loki Wanted To Take My Yorkie Puppy Lucy For A Walk

#58 My Little Niece Thought That Putting Sunglasses And A Hat On The End Of My Boxers Ass Would Be Really Funny… She Was Correct

#59 I Told My Wife I Want Our Boxer To Look Tough. I Think She Nailed It

#60 I Think My Neighbors Dog May Have Been A Peeping Tom In His Former Life! He’s Always Looking In Our Windows To See If We’re Home!

#61 Boxers Will Be Boxers

#62 These Are The Faces You Get When You Put The Birthday Cake On The Ground But Say “Leave It”

#63 Enjoying A Ride

#64 If I Fits…

#65 Emu Chasing A Boxer

#66 Love My Dog But He’s A F**king Idiot Sometimes

#67 Every Single Morning

#68 Chilly Boxer Buddy

#69 Catdog

#70 I Captured The Stages Of My Dog’s Reaction When She Slowly Realized That I Didn’t Have Any Treats

#71 When My Girl Makes Me Watch A Chick Flick

#72 Triple Good Boy

#73 Twins

#74 Zoey Sleeping With Her Toy

#75 This Is My Boxer Puppy Daisy After Asking If She Wants To Go To The Dog Park

#76 Oakley! My Brother’s Boxer Pup

#77 At Least He’s Trying

#78 I Took My Boxer For A Walk In Poland. Then Vietnam Happened

#79 My Brother’s Boxer Bounding Through Some Winter Snow

#80 Who Needs A Parrot When You Have A Boxer

#81 When My Dog Gunner Is Feeling Playful, He Taunts Me By Sticking His Butt Up And Waits For A Slap On The Hind

#82 Dog Likes To Sleep On The Couch When Everyone’s Asleep. My Mom Placed Tinfoil To Prevent Him From Doing This. Found Him Like This At 2 AM

#83 My Boxer Ollie Had Surgery Today And Braved Through It. They Also Gave Him Some Kick-Ass Pain Killers

#84 It’s Just One Of Those Days

#85 Nosey Neighbor

#86 Come On Sox. We’re Going This Way

#87 Someone Fell Asleep With Two Balls In His Mouth

#88 Rocko Has It Rough Here

#89 Gave Neighbors Barking Dogs Cheese, Made Friends For Life. They No Longer Bark At Me, They Beg

#90 Max? I Haven’t Seen Him

#91 Just Gimme A Taste, I Can Handle It I Swear…

#92 Tongue Curl

#93 Molly’s New Thing Is To Lay In Her Toy Basket

#94 Jessie Doesn’t Like To Share With Her Sister

#95 I Was Helping My Friend Pick Out A Cat At The Animal Protective League & This Is Who Waited On Us. He Was Friendly, But Not Very Helpful

#96 To Stop Louis Licking His Stitches, We Had To Improvise And Put Some Boxers On Him! A Boxer In Boxers

#97 I Wish I Could Get This Comfortable

#98 What’s Going On There?

#99 On Friday Night A Block Of Cheese Went Missing From A Dinner Party We Were Throwing. On Saturday, Our Two Year Old Boxer Very Stealthily Brought This In From The Back Yard

#100 Thirsty Boxer

#101 Birthday Girl

#102 Those Squirrels May Be Able To Climb Trees… But Can They Look As Cool As Me In The Front Seat?

#103 Our Morning Routine Is Becoming A Nap In The Recliner Together. He Seems Pretty Okay With It. I Love Him So Much

#104 My Friends Dog Is Afraid Of The Shutter Sound On My Camera

#105 Am I Cute Enough For You?

#106 Pen? What Pen?

#107 He Never Ceases To Amaze Me

#108 Boxer Puppy Reaction To A Lime

#109 Runt Boxer With Normal Sized Tongue

#110 His Monitoring Position

#111 Our New Boxer Must Think I Has Good Flavor

#112 My Boxer Pal, Enzo

#113 Just Boxer Things

#114 First Time Hanging Out With A Girl

#115 Hank The Human Boxer Dog

#116 I Don’t Always Get To Visit On Your Lunch Break… But When I Do I Sit Funny And Make Ridiculous Faces

#117 Boxer’s Definition Of Comfortable

#118 My Little Bro And Our 2-Year-Old Boxer Having An Awkward Moment

#119 My Boxer Isn’t Normally Allowed In My Bed. I Came Home To This

#120 Tails Are Not Treats

#121 He Keeps Looking At Me Like, “You Seeing This Sh*t?”

#122 If I Said He Did This Himself I’d Be Lying

#123 Our Boxer Is Quite The Classy Lady

#124 They Truly Are Majestic Creatures

#125 Half Boxer Half Lizard

#126 My Friends Boxer Was Very Unhappy To See Her Leave

#127 Sophie Is Photogenic

#128 Nope, You’re Not Going Anywhere

#129 Cvs Parking Lot. Hip-Hop Blaring. No Driver In Sight

#130 Yup, That’s How Boxers Often Sit. Our Boxer Thinks He’s A Real Boy!

#131 The Look You Get When It’s 25 Degrees And Someone Tells You To Go Out And Play

#132 My Shameful Boxer

#133 Been A While Since I Posted, But Have Some Bodhi

#134 This. Is. The. God Damn. Best Chip. Ever. Thank You, Owner. I Love You

#135 My Moms Friend Went Camping A While Ago. This Is What Their Dog Did

#136 Oh Happy Day

#137 Such A “Ruff Life”

#138 Cute Boxer Watching Through Window I Found In A Coffee Shop The Other Day

#139 My Friend Took A Cute Portrait With Her Boxer

#140 My Dad Sent Me This Picture While I Was At Work. I Think It Needs A Caption

#141 She Thought She Was Playing With It. Little Did She Know, She Helped Us With The Mouse Problem

#142 Yes, He Is Sleeping Like This. I Know All Boxers Are Funny But, Kevin Takes The Cake

#143 Are We There Yet?

#144 This Is My Boxer Titus’ Attempt At A Smile

#145 Every Morning Before I Leave For Work… Guilt Trip!

#146 Babs When I Tell Her No More Belly Rubs Because I Have To Go To Work

#147 The Rodeo Boxer

#148 Sup?

#149 I Made A Funny Face Just To Make Your Night Better

#150 Is There Any More?

#151 Such A Beautiful Smile

#152 Excuse Me, I Would Like To Come In Now

#153 This Is Apparently Her Most Comfortable Sitting Position. She Also Likes To Judge Humans

#154 When You’re Out For The Count After A Rough Week

#155 Um, You Have Something In Your Teeth

#156 My Dog Has His Own Plans For The Girls I Invite Over

#157 My Friend Came Home To This… The Face Is Priceless

#158 Just Bruno Being A Boxer

#159 What? This Is Comfortable

#160 Well… Hello There

#161 Boxer Dog Trying To Fly

#162 My Friend Told Me This Belongs Here

#163 Goooood Morning To You!

#164 Glorious

#165 Mlem

#166 This Fellow Always Pops Up When I Walk Past

#167 When You Accidentally Turn On The Front Camera

#168 She Likes To Lie On Me Like This

#169 This Is How I Like To Rest

#170 My Boxer’s Face When I Caught Him Using My Headphones Without Asking

#171 If You Need A Laugh – Get A Boxer

#172 Ok, You Can Scratch My Tummy Now

#173 I Think He Immediately Regrets His Decision To Shred His Bed

#174 Mummy Thinks I Sit Funny, I Just Want My Bedtime Treats! Hurry Up, Woman!

#175 Ginger Got A Job In Construction And She Thinks She’s Cool Now

#176 What Kind Of Face Is This?

#177 My Buddy Buddy Fell Asleep While Begging For Some Of My Pizza Fries. This Can’t Be Comfortable

#178 Goose Sitting Atop Nollie. Ready For The Ride

#179 Case Of The Mondays

#180 Taco Tongue

#181 Smiling Because It’s Sunday

#182 Oh Don’t Worry, Lady. Not Like I Was Ready To Go Yesterday. Take Me To De Dog Park Already

#183 Tongue Out Tuesday

#184 My Dogs Face When I Asked Him If He Saw “That Dog”

#185 White Boxer Mid-Jump

#186 Prewash Cycle

#187 Excuse Me, Mom, Why Can’t I Open This Door Like I Do The Back Door, I’d Like To Let My Barn Kitty Friend In To Come Play With Me

#188 Dad, Move Over! I’m Trying To Sit In My Favorite Spot

#189 I Thought I Would Help Carry The Mail And Show My Pretty Smile At The Same Time! Friends Don’t Try This At Home – The Mail Got Stuck To My Dry Jowels

#190 Just Hanging Out, Watching Some TV With The Fam

#191 Look Ma! I Can Pant And Hold My Ball

#192 Here I Come

#193 What A Ruff Night

#194 Straight To The Face

#195 My Sister’s Boxer Is Cleverly Disguised

#196 This Is How My Mom’s Boxer Sits

#197 Hello Silly Halle

#198 I’m Not Going To Let Those Balls Out Of My Mouth

#199 On Our Way To Houston So Our Momma Stopped To Get Us Some Ice Cream

#200 Send Help, I’m Melting

#201 Cleaning Her Mouth Out After Digging Worms Out Of The Mud

#202 It Wasn’t Me

#203 Hold On A Sec Let Me Get Comfy

#204 That’s One Special Boxer

#205 My 10 Year Old, 115 Pound Boxer Completely Oblivious To His Lip Being Stuck

#206 Can’t Help Myself. It’s Sunday In The Park

#207 Just A Little “Role Reversal”

#208 Today Has Been A Loooooong Day

#209 Prince Is Still Tired From Doggy Day Camp

#210 Hot Summer Days And Champipple In The Pool

#211 Buddy The “Boxer”

#212 Someone Had Fun In The Mud

#213 Here Is Mr. Bubble Derp

#214 Terrifying Boxer

#215 Buttface

#216 Suddenly I’m Hungry For Frog Legs

Written by Ekta Singh

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