Things are not going great these days and we all will agree to this. And why will we not? After all, at the start of the year, no one was ready for this pandemic. No one has ever thought that there will come a time when we all will be locked inside our houses missing our loved ones. Since we can’t travel much, we can just do facetime to be with our families and friends. So it is obvious that we might hit our low days. The days when we feel completely exhausted. The days when we feel like there is no motivation. And the days when we push ourselves to do work. 

But there is a silver lining. We have dogs. Yay! These cuties are a ball full of life, hope, and freedom. They are the constant reminder that even though we are going through so many things, everything will get better. They give us motivation on our low days and unlimited love that we have never imagined. 

To show how full of life dogs are, we have collected 50 pictures that you will like. Scroll down and make your day.

This doggo is a true inspiration for all of us.

“Nope, Nothing can piss me off today. I will continue to sit and smile like that.”

“Don’t worry friend, nothing can hurt you now.”

Best friend’s goals.

My dog Lexi is turning 10 soon. Through college, 3 cities, 2 apartments, and our first real house – anywhere we go, we go together.”

The good boy turns 10!

Absolutely heartwarming.

The world we are living in has really become very self-centered. We only want to think about ourselves no matter what. We never really give a damn about what people are feeling and how they are even if we are living under the same roof. And this thing is very heartbreaking. 

But there are a few people who are still kind. These people motivate others to do the same. And it is very heartwarming to see people thinking about others even without seeing their own profit in it. Just like this man in the tweet, who fed his neighbor’s dog because his neighbor was hospitalized. These little acts of kindness never go away.

Farida is a lifeguard.

This is “Frida”, she has saved 60 people so far in her career.

The best gift ever, we would say.

Charlie! He was my sober gift to me. 130 days of alcohol free today

Doggy kisses are the best medicine.

Taught Chloe to stand on my wheelchair’s feet rests, now all she wants to do is give me kisses.

Ravioli is a dad now! That reaction is priceless.

When Ravioli saw his pups for the first time!

Hugs keep us alive.

If you’ve had a rough week check out Little Man snoozing with his very good boy

“Do as I say dog, You’re under my influence now.”

We can never get over this photo. Four friends, fast asleep.

We don’t get to see dogs this majestic every day, do we?

“Hooman, meet your new responsibilities.”

Holding the good boy universe in hand.

My dog Diesel passed away last month. I had him cremated and his ashes spun in this orb.

That’s an exceptional idea for keeping the place clean.

My Dog Rolo has always been a messy drinker, my girlfriend turned his water bowl into a moss garden to keep the place tidy

The amount of happiness on her face is priceless.

“My foster mama Ellie had her babies yesterday – apparently she came with a whole lab sampler pack!

All grown up good boys are still a pupper at heart.

Took my uncle’s guide dog for an “off work” walk. Forgot to mention that she’s called Sapphire.

Love beyond all barriers.

True love knows no fences

There’s a sparkle in his eyes.

I’m currently 40 weeks pregnant and his favorite spot is on the bump

Feel better soon, kiddo.

Doggy has asthma and requires multiple nebulizations. But as long as he has his ducky with him, he knows he is gonna be ok.

Dogs are way smarter than we think.

Sir Patrick Stewart playing a very serious game of chess with his foster pup

There’s love in his eyes.

“Wee! I’m a baby kangaroo.”

My mom puts their puppy in her apron pocket when she preps dinner and I’m not sure who enjoys it more

Spot the good boy.

The cat and the rabbit don’t seem to get along well. Doggo is just sandwiched between them.

Somehow, I’ve ended up with three different animals with the same color scheme.

Looks like this dog has some interesting stories to tell us.

Teddy has been working on his quarantine beard. What do you guys think?

This doggo is doing better than most of us humans.

Doggo giving us a cute smile.

“No one can love you as I do.”

He’s a 20/10 good boy.

My dog is 18, has trouble standing. Since Clare was born, he stands for hours watching. Good boy

Lot’s of love for this woof.

Just four goofballs having a good time.

This post just made our day happier.

Father and son spending some quality time together.

Looks like this good boy just wanted to play fetch with someone.

Be kind to all, do harm to none.

Stray dog looking after Stray kittens

Puppies who stay together, grow old together.

He looks like the happiest doggo on the planet.

They hired a photographer just for me!

Doggo in Chewbacca costume.

“Me and mini me.”

So majestic!

A well-raised good boy.

He guarded a bird with a broken wing under my truck for four days before it could fly off. Had to bring them both food and water because he refused to leave its side day and night, very proud of him.

Well behaved pupper! He deserves good boy pets.

Dogs only want love.

In Mexico, this girl who was celebrating her 15 years was posing on the floor when a stray dog ​​approached and snuggled over her. Instead of getting angry, she asked to take pictures together

Doggo with his bestie raccoon.

Never seen such an amazing photo before. They’re so calm.

A family portrait

Who’s a happy boy?

Today is extra special because this old man, who I was once told had a life expectancy of 8 years, turns 16 today! Happy Birthday, Baxter Bear!

She’s an extremely affectionate girl.

We tested smoke detectors yesterday. She heard the alarms and ran up the stairs, made it past the dog gate, and frantically searched every room looking for all of us. She would not calm down until she could check every room. She has never been trained to do this, but she still tried to rescue us.

Do you also have a furry friend? what does he do to lift your spirit? We would love to know about it in the comments section.