50 Photos Of Boxers Which Prove That They Are Weirdos

Spoiler alert: You might want to get a boxer after seeing the pictures. 

When we hear of boxers, we imagine a dog breed very intelligent and smart. We think of a breed that has participated in the wars and is so brave. But what we don’t know is that this dog breed can act really goofy and funny sometimes. No, we aren’t joking.

No matter how extraordinary boxers are, they will never fail to entertain you. If you have or had this dog breed, you might know what we are talking about. But if you don’t have one, you can simply just scroll down to see how amazing these furry angels are. 

Scroll down and enjoy the cute pictures.

1. Comfy Sleep

If I fit, I sit. With all the most comfortable places to sleep in the house, Boxers would rather sleep in the weirdest of places

2. Gangster Boxer

Boxers will let you dress them however you want and they won’t even care. Here is a boxer dressed up as a gangster and not even noticing

3. Two lovers Snuggling

Boxers like to snuggle their hoomans. At least once a day you will find them come up to you and give you their puppy dog eyes just so you let them snuggle you.

4. Let me get some sleep

Baby boxers will find the weirdest places to sleep. Here is a Boxer sleeping in a boxer while his human takes a dump.

5. Personal Space what?

6. Help me Hooman!

Boxers will accidentally get themselves in the weirdest positions and then call out to their human with puppy dog eyes to help them get out.

7. Wow fishiessss

Boxers are very easily fascinated

8. Cat or a Dog?

9. I’m Very Comfy here

Sitting in the weirdest positions and showing off as if they are not uncomfortable at all!

10. Lizard Boxer

11. Best sleeping Position ever!!

12. Human or a Dog?

Boxer imitating his hooman.

13. Storytime

Dad Boxer and Son Boxer reading about Boxer’s history.

14. Pretty Boxers

Boxers make up the weirdest derp faces of all the dogs

15. hehe!

Somebody opened up the door and the raccoon came running in and went straight for the sofa!

16. Quarantine Life

17. I’m a giant Boxer and I’m afraid of the tiny kitty

18. Give me all the balls! I want em all

19. I sleep wherever I can and whenever I can.

Here is yet another Boxer sleeping half standing with his face on the table and his tongue out. I’m sure it’s comfy

20. Mine!

I sleep with my ball so my hooman won’t throw it again.

21. I’d do anything for you, my hooman man.

Boxer killing the mouse who’s been troubling his hooman.

22. Boxer sitting on a Boxer

Ahhhh yes! I’m comfy enough

23. No babies were harmed in the making of this picture

24. Good Morning Hooman!

25. Just a Boxer being a Boxer.

26. Evolution

They are evolving! They are turning into humans!!

27. Take me everywhere with you!

28. On weekends, we get drunk!

29. Scrumptious booty!

30. A new kind of dishwasher

31. Got a job and lots of money….Time to get a girl

32. Is it a Pug? Is it a Boxer?

33. Another Version of a Boxer in a boxer

34. What a life

Just contemplating all the decisions I’ve ever made in life (why did I poop on the carpet today? why did I accidentally break almost all my toys? etc.)

35. Perfect Disguise

Bet you can’t tell who’s under the mask.

36. Never Letting go!

37. Draw me like one of your French girls

38. A ‘Boxer’ Boxer

39. Done with life.

40. Trying to slide in your dms like

41. After 3 months of online classes and work meetings.

42. What pen? I’ve never seen one?

43. How you doin?

44. I swear Stacey don’t upload it!

45. Our mama told us; sharing is caring!

46. I’m sorry I don’t know why I posted a picture of this plant

47. When you’re old and still want to be treated like a baby

48. Revenge

Next time we go to the Dog Park Julia, not the freaking car wash!

49. Music Video Style

50. Mommy is taking me to the Dog Park

Is this real? Is it a dream? I can’t believe it

BONUS: I will never let you go, Human.

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Written by Ekta Singh

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