For almost a year, travelling without any purpose was on hold. Covid did cause huge turbulence in our lives. The open borders pre-pandemic did give us a chance to travel and have the freedom to go anywhere we would want. But now, we can just sit and hope that fine can come back to normal and our air, land, water and all other modes of transportation get by to normal. Mean while, let’s take a look at some pets who travelled in different modes of transportation ad behaved more civilized than many people. Leave what you have to say about these amazing dogs, cats and other animals.

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#1 My Wife Is A Flight Attendant And Uses Her Benefits To Help Transfer Animals To Shelters That Value Life A Bit More Than Others. Today’s Guest Was Pepper

#2 This Is Athena. It’s Her First Train Trip And She’s A Little Scared, But Being Brave As Heck

#3 A Girl And Her Raven On The Running Subway

#4 My Blind Stepdad’s Guide Dog Axel. They Went On A Week Long Pilgrimage And Are Now Returning Home. This Was Him On The Train Hugging My Stepdad’s Foot. Such A Good Boi

#5 She Took The Midnight Train Going Anywhere

#6 Saying Hey From The NYC Subway

#7 So Apparently We Are Bringing Llamas On The Max Now. I Guess Alpaca Bit Of Extra Snacks With Me Next Time

#8 On The Train And Saw This Friendly Face

#9 On The Subway

#10 On The Train To Manchester

#11 Rescue Dog Travelling To Forever Home Gets His Own Seat On Ferry

#12 You Saw Penguins On A Plane? My Papps Was Flying It

#13 Sat Next To This Happy Little Guy On A Plane

#14 This Guy And His Dog On My Flight Right Now. They Have Been Like This For Over 2 Hours

#15 My Friend Saw This Guy On The Metro

#16 This Girl Named Panda Smiled At Me Like This For Her Entire Plane Ride Shift (Service Dog)

#17 I See Your Dog On A Plane And Raise You A Booped Dog On A Plane

#18 This Little Kitty Had Its Own Seat On The Three Hour Train Ride I Was On In Spain! It Sat So Nicely For The Whole Time

#19 Kitten Likes Traveling

#20 This Guy Is Going To Make The Flight Much More Enjoyable! He’s So Happy To Fly

#21 Future Search-And-Rescue Dog Echo Took A 13 Hour Trip Home With Me This Week, Including Three Flights. She’s A Trooper

#22 Puppy On His First Flight

#23 I’m A Flight Attendant And This Was My First Passenger This Morning. She Made My Day! Meet Zuri

#24 Bentley Got To Meet The Captain After Our Flight Home Last Night

#25 Traveling Koalas

#26 I Made A New Friend On The Train

#27 He Makes Her Hold His Hand On The Subway

#28 I Was Lucky Enough To Sit Next To This Little One On My Plane Ride The Other Night

#29 This Is How Desmond Sleeps On A Plane

#30 This Dude On The Train Wouldn’t Stop Staring At Me

#31 “I’m A Tax-Paying Citizen Taking Public Transport Now”

#32 This Dog Sitting At A Subway

#33 Joey The Therapy Dog Was Spotted On A Plane Taking A Well-Deserved Nap (Pic Taken With Permission). He Visits Patients In Hospitals And Even Has His Own Business Card

#34 Look At This A***e Using Up Two Seats Like He Owns The Train Or Something

#35 Two Old Best Friends Having A Little Snooze On The Bus