Since the creation of the telephone, we have made great strides. Who’s to say if it’s for the better or worse?

Kids today need help understanding what it’s like to talk on the phone for hours about everything. You would call your pals to inform them about your phone chat with your crush.

Furthermore, conference calls weren’t available then. You’d disclose everything to each friend on an individual basis.

You start to wonder how we managed to fit in time for meals, sleep, and school. Since then, communication habits have altered, and today’s children primarily use messages and emojis.

And seldom voicemails. However, this restricts the discussion and gives a lot of possibilities for misunderstanding.

In 2018, 2.25 billion people worldwide utilized mobile messaging apps; by 2025, that number is expected to increase to 3.5 billion.

The claim that “everyone texts” is not hyperbole. It might be challenging to confine a transaction to symbols, though.

When there is so little keeping a discourse together, things are likely to get (a little) chaotic. A wonderful example of this is the Instagram account Funny Texts.

It is devoted to disseminating strange and humorous messages. Forty-five of the more intriguing ones were chosen. Look at this:


1. Wife and daughter?

2. Pay attention!

3. Well, it was quite an achievement.

4. That’s a nice name…

5. Don’t get too close…

6. Just like God

7. Not all heroes wear capes…

8. I made you…

9. Splat!

10. Wouldn’t pick you if I had a choice…

11. No one home…

12. No longer invited… You can work on improving your grammar while you are sitting home alone

13. Take a guess

14. Gotcha!

Every region has a preferred chat network. However, it’s interesting to note that the United States is one of the few developed nations where texting, or SMS, is still a common form of communication.

The pros and downsides of American exceptionalism are mixed. The key advantages of SMS are that it can be used on practically any phone and that users are not limited to a single provider.

On the downside, SMS lacks functionality seen in contemporary chat apps like notifications when a buddy has received your message or the ability to initiate a video conversation from a text message, and has security issues.

15. I don’t know…

16. Amen

17. Oh, mom

18. No!

19. Better late than never

20. Damn you, iPod

21. Back from Narnia

22. Let me know when you find your phone

23. Nice knowing you…

24. Nice one…

25. Something worse…

26. Don’t shake your drink

27. That poor guy…

28. Not good

29. Just shut up!

30. Flying phone

31. Hi, sis

32. Apple juice

33. Plural and expensive.

34. I will be there too…

35. I gotchu

36. The best protection…

37. That’s where accident happen…

38. North Quadrant…

39. Oh, that’s nice. Now send it to that special someone…

40. Bad start…

41. Block.

42. Indiana. Not India. Indiana

43. Sorry grandma

44. Anna, help

45. Go cheat. I am playing a game…

People love to talk, what can we say. We are overjoyed that they do.

Reading through these notes has been a lot of fun for us. The world and the way we communicate have been altered by texting.

However, there is a drawback. Nowadays, we aim to say more with fewer words and communicate more quickly.

And that has an impact on the words we use.