40 Times People Failed To Send Dogs To ‘We Rate Dogs’ & Sent Something Else

In this era, we all have inclined to social media to a great extent. We love to share, express, and present our views to a wider platform. And not only people, but even the dogs also get viral on social media.

The modern generations also believe in ratings. From any service to a restaurant or food, what we all check the most before trying are ratings. But do you know that even our little canines, that is the dogs too are rated? Yes, that’s true. To check a rating means to find the best of all. And thus, if we are looking for ratings of doggos, it means we want the best dogs with us.

For the rating system of little doggos, we have a Twitter account ‘We Rate Dogs’ that gives the rating to the dogs. Although the ratings are always good, regardless of how they look or behave. But, sometimes, they encounter so interesting photos of the doggos that don’t even look like proper dogs. In such cases, ‘We Rate Dogs’ not only rates them, but also gives a perfect name to them. And we have curated all such questionable doggos below.

Scroll down and have fun!

#1 Introducing you to one of the best dogs that swim: Walking on Water

Introducing you to one of the best dogs that swim: Walking on Water

#2 Tyrannosaurus: Best of Under Water Dogs

Tyrannosaurus: Best of Under Water Dogs

#3 East African Chalupa Seal

East African Chalupa Seal

#4 One of the best white fury dogs- ‘Polar Bear’

One of the best white fury dogs- 'Polar Bear'

#5 Snoring rug

Snoring rug of all dogs

#6 Delicious Marshmallow

Delicious Marshmallow

#7 Heartbroken Ewok

Heartbroken Ewok- One of the saddest dogs

#8 31-year old son

31-year old son- The humanly dogs

#9 Taiwanese guide walrus

Taiwanese guide walrus

#10 Smiling ghosts

Smiling ghosts- The scary dogs

#11 Floppy Tounged House Panda

Floppy Tounged House Panda

#12 Iraqi Speed Kangaroo

Iraqi Speed Kangaroo

#13 Mongolian Grass Snake

Mongolian Grass Snake

#14 Bangladeshi Couch Chipmunks

Bangladeshi Couch Chipmunks

#15 Pokemon

Pokemon of dogs

#16 Jamaican Flop Seal

Jamaican Flop Seal

#17 Alaskan Flop Turtle

Alaskan Flop Turtle

#18 Wilson

Wilson of dogs

#19 Urban Floof Giraffe- The giraffe of the dogs

Urban Floof Giraffe- The giraffe of the dogs

#20 Rare Canadian Floofer Owl

Rare Canadian Floofer Owl

#21 Jokester

Jokester of dogs

#22 Comfy Carpet

Comfy carpet of dogs

#23 Majestic Doggo

Majestic doggo

#24 Cone Doggo

Cone Doggo

#25 ‘Lobster’

Loabster of dogs

#26 Toasted Marshmallow

Toasted Marshmallow of dogs

#27 Freudian Poof Lion

Freudian Poof Lion

#28 Broken Polar Bear

Broken Polar Bear of dogs

#29 Albanian Street Mouse

Albanian Street Mouse

#30 Triceratops

Triceratops of dogs

#31 Dutch Panda Worm

Dutch Panda Worm

#32 Mexican Golden Beaver

Mexican Golden Beaver

#33 Bulgarian Eyeless Porch Bear

Bulgarian Eyeless Porch Bear

#34 Camouflage 3000

Camouflage 3000

#35 Pettable Bath Dozing Tortoise

Pettable Bath Dozing Tortoise

#36 Non-Canine Ostrich

Non-Canine Ostrich of dogs

#37 Arctic Floof Kangaroo

Arctic Floof Kangaroo

#38 Hammerhead Shark

Hammerhead Shark of dogs

#39 Peruvian Floor Bear

Peruvian Floor Bear of dogs

#40 Ecuadorian Sea Turtle

Ecuadorian Sea Turtle

Now that you have seen all these little munchkins, we know that you might have laughed out loud. Also, the definition of doggos is probably something different now! And if you wish to see more of these cuties, we would recommend you to visit the Twitter page of ‘We Rate Dogs” once!