Sometimes it feels like we don’t do enough things for our furry friends. Seriously, because dogs are so loyal that they can do literally anything for their owners. But we are not able to provide them the utmost care that they deserve. Thus, we don’t deserve dogs. 

However, there are some pet parents who are proving this thing wrong. There are a few pet parents who are ready to walk extra miles just to make their pets happy. And we think you should know about them. That’s why we have collected a few pictures of pets whose owners have provided them everything that they need. Scroll down to see the amazing pictures where the pet parents have done the most creative thing. 

#1 Some stairs to help the little guy.

This is a great example of what LOVE is. -Martita Sa-Ju

#2 This is so sweet.

#3 He has lost all of his street cred.

Dog on the right has “f*ck my life” look on his face. -Jovana Dacic

#4 Truly adorable.

#5 I want to ride on this train as well.

Dogs just LOVE to go for rides. This is heaven on earth. -Yvonne Bernal

#6 This is all well and good until he lunges for the phone.

#7 I hope their ears don’t hurt like this.

I kinda wanna know if they gave the owner a hard time. -Shara Guinesso

#8 Every dog needs this tag.

#9 Looking at all the people passing by.

Bark-o-window. -Hans

#10 No love for the big dogs?

No sexy time or you’ll crush the dog! -Liz Miller

#11 A bit rude but okay.

#12 Now, I feel like going camping.

You’re the most creative and cool dog owner ever. Where can we see more! I want to be your friend. -Jennifer North Fitzgibbons

#13 This is clearly Alice in wonderland.

#14 This should be the new logo.

Haha, the cone of shame put to good use I think they needed an update on their logo anyways. -over-opinionated

#15 I need to make this even though I don’t have a pet.

#16 He is now in space.

Way better than the above ones. For the safety of both dogs and passerby. -Princesapranka

#17 The laser eyes are going to act up.

#18 That’s true happiness.

Have to see the video of this. His face is priceless when he first sees it. -Smiley Rie

#19 For a second there, I thought they were real puppies.

#20 This is very creative.

Steppin’ out with my baby… -.gas.

#21 Destroying an apple monitor, Really?

I did something like this, for my cat, with an old box tv. -RT RT

#22 When it’s the summer.

#23 The love doesn’t have to be heard.

I’d flip the hairband around so he can have both ears. OCD -Rajani Sarasan

#24 These corgis are going to save the world.

#25 He is finally free!

Master has given Doggy a sock! Doggy is free! -Sunshine

#26 This is so very sweet.

#27 The computer fans are certainly cheaper than a real air conditioner.

Wow love your on the fly thinking!! -Karly Shelton

#28 Perfect way to hide the bowls.

#29 The sun is too bright.

Awww such a happy flower. -Misty Pal

#30 When you wanna get drunk fast.

“Why do you do this to me? All I do is love you.” -Jovana Dacic

#31 The death star is coming for us.

#32 You gotta work for the treats.

Awesome! Do you want it? Work for it! -Ioana Lovin

#33 An old suitcase makes the perfect dog bed.

#34 Such a pretty bedroom though.

Our dog was crate trained, and even once he was finished, his crate was his safe spot. If there were things going on here didn’t like, he went to his crate. If he wanted to take a nap, he went to his crate.

If he just didn’t want to be bothered while he chewed a toy, to his crate he went. A better way to think of them than a cage is something more like their own little room. -Amy Weiss

#35 Playing Pokemon Go while on a walk.

#36 A very rare breed of a lion.

What a handsome dog- really pretty coat/Color. -Sally Patterson

#37 This is Katy puppy.

#38 When the boys are shedding.

You know that this is not really solving the problem, do you? -Sidonie Alber

#39 The last-minute outfit for Halloween.

#40 Getting ready to sleep.

Nina looks terrified… -nic miller

He doesn’t look very happy for his birthday.

If you have also done any such things for your furry friend, we would love to see the pictures in the comments section.