In a horrifying accident on Sunday, 18 people were killed including four sisters, two pedestrians and the other members seated in a limousine. A family attending a birthday party on Sunday took a limo due to the excessive number of attendees including four sisters, their children, friends and other relatives. On their way to the celebration, they rushed past a stop signal only to later crash on to a SUV parked outside a store in New York.

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Along with the four sisters in the limo two other pedestrians were also killed. They rushed past a T-junction with the State Route 30A in about 170 miles north of New York City failed to stop at 02:00 p.m. Saturday and then crashed into an SUV outside the Apple Barrel Country Store said the New York State police. Thankfully, the supposed SUV parked outside the store was unoccupied.

This crash occurred in the weekend was considered as the deadliest transportation accident in the United States in this decade by the concerned authorities. What appeared to be a very calm and relaxed weekend turned in to a nightmarish weekend to all the tourists enjoying the abundant flora and fauna in the rural vicinity. The relatives close to the family said that the family was attending the 30th birthday celebration of the youngest sibling in a limousine along with children, friends and family.

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The aunt to the four sisters who were killed in the accident, Barbara Douglas said that the sisters were wonderful girls and that they had taken a good decision by taking the limo to bring them to the birthday celebration of their youngest sister considering the number of attendees and that they would not have to drive anywhere, while speaking to the reporters on Sunday. She also added that the sisters were close to each other and would do anything for the other.

The reports from CNN states the reported modified limo carrying the attendees of the birthday party should not have taken the vehicle and that driver since the supposed driver did not possess a valid driver’s license to drive that vehicle and on top of it, the limo had failed an automobile inspection earlier in September. Now the concerned authorities are further into an investigation to find out whether the occurrence of this devastating mishap was due to malfunctioning limousine or the under qualified driver.

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Aunt Douglas named the three of four sisters as Amy, Abigail, and Mary who were travelling along with their husbands Axel Steenburg, Adam Jackson, Rob Dyson respectively along with Allison King, their children and a driver for their limo to take them safely to the proposed birthday celebration of their youngest sibling who was turning thirty that day, leaving behind a couple of children back at their home.

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Several people across the country have sent in their tributes and condolences to the family of the deceased.

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