It seems like there is a non-ending debate over who’s best- a cat or a dog. While dog parents always come up with points to prove why dogs are good bois, cat lovers also bring a strong discussion to the table. So the discussion becomes non-ending. 

But hopefully, we have found an end for this argument. All thanks to Pet Foolery, the genius behind the popular comic strip Pixie and Brutus. Now, this comic has come up with interesting points that prove that cats are superior to dogs. (Why should dogs have all the fun?)

We know the time you have read the topic, you might have thought that we are becoming a little biased. But actually we are not. It’s because the points that show cats are superior is actually true. And you yourself will agree to this once you scroll down. Without a doubt, it can be said that cats are cleaner, smarter, better at looking after themselves. They don’t need much of your attention because they can do everything on their own. 

This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to be a cat person. But this does not mean that dogs are bad. No, they are good bois but it’s just that they are a little different. See, dogs are more social, playful, and lovable. They like to meet new people and go out. But cats are different. They want peace and food. While a dog is always ready to shower his unconditional love, you have to earn the attention of a cat. This is why it is also said that cats and dogs cannot live together. But that thing is also not entirely true. 

If you know how to keep harmony and peace between these two furry angels, you can have ‘em both. And that is actually good because then you will know how it feels like to live with both.