Kyra's 31 pound cabbage

The joy of nurturing plants from seeds to saplings – there’s nothing quite like getting your hands dirty while the wind blows back your hair. The garden also acts as a fertile playground for children and fostering education.

North Carolina third-grader has grown two enormous cabbages in her family’s garden earlier this month, one of which weighed 31lbs.

During the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the home garden has become a sort of sanctuary and source of provision. The pleasure derived from caretaking seeds all the way up through sapling to a full-grown plant truly helps one appreciate the natural life cycle and where our food comes from. Commonly overlooked however is the potential that a garden has for educating children and providing them with exercise and entertainment.

Months ago, her school distributed small cabbage plants for students to cultivate as a part of their “Third Grade Cabbage Program” assignment. Kyra was able to secure two of them. The assignment ended up being delayed overall due to the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. But she decided to take her most recent school project to an arguable extreme.

Kyra’s cabbages

Fortunately, Kyra’s cabbages flourish due to perfect growing conditions – plenty of sunshine, water, and most importantly, love.

Within a matter of weeks, the cabbages balloon to absurd sizes. By the time school “officially” closed for the summer, the cabbages were as large as blow up beach balls.

Kyra’s mom, Angie Young-Sutton commends her daughter’s efforts,

“She did really good with it, she watered it, and she made sure she took care of it.”

Kyra adds, “I’m really proud of the cabbage and how I grew it. I didn’t let the coronavirus stop me.”

That’s one crazy cabbage.

31 pound cabbage

It took over four family members to dig one cabbage up and even attempt to weigh it. After using an indoor digital scale, the cabbage was finally able to be placed on top of a table for the dramatic weigh-in moment. The cabbage clocked in at an amazing 31 pounds!

Well, according to the Guinness World Records, the heaviest cabbage ever recorded weighed 138 pounds!

True Inspiration

Kyra’s determination is truly inspiring. She has what many adults struggle to have. We wonder what’s next on Kyra’s agenda. She’s not going to let the coronavirus get in the way of her goals. Will you?