Don’t we just love peering out of an airplane window and seeing the beautiful landscape that’s down? Of course, we do. And inspired by the same thing, here’s an artist who has carefully and skillfully captured the colorful landscapes of rural England. 

The artist is Victoria Rose Richards and she is really great at whatever she does. About her art, Richards says that “I pulled some nice blues and greens out of my grandmother’s old embroidery tin.” She recalls, “and had my first go at an embroidery landscape in October 2018.” 

Scroll down to see her work.

Victoria Rose Richards creates colorful, 3D embroidery art based on the aerial landscapes of her hometown of Plymouth, England.

Each piece is rendered with a variety of stitches to achieve a realistic texture.

Fields, lakes, forests, rivers, and roads are meticulously hand-stitched with colorful threads.

In some pieces, Richards has even created 3D hills.