You never know what you can find in an old house that you just moved in. Some closed doors, open to a great treasure. And some basements can be creepy to scare you like hell. Today, we bring you a compilation of 35 times that people distinguished something unusual hidden in their house.

#1 They Found The Old Bath Under Their Living Room

#2 Pulled Up The Carpet At The House, And Guess What I Found!

#3 Treasure In My Bathroom

#4 I Was Helping My Dad Move Into His New Office, When We Found A Trapdoor


This Vintage Space Themed Wallpaper Found Under 3 Layers Of Other Wallpaper In An Old Farm House

#6 The Walgreens In My Neighborhood Used To Be A Bank And They Used Its Vault As Their Vitamin Section

#7 Friend Was Redecorating His New House And Found This Under A Layer Of Wallpaper

#8 Found A Paw Print On A Brick Wall

#9 The Table At This Pub Has A Well In The Middle Of It (England)

#10 Untouched 1800’s Cemetery Preserved In The Basement Of A Tall Building Built Over It

#11 My Grandparents Have A Glassed-Over Well In Their Kitchen

#12 Our New Apartment Has A Little Milk Door Under The Cabinets

#13 My Friend Decided To Replace Her Old Carpet And She Found A Cellar Door And A Cool Surprise

#14 My Apartment Is An Old Police Station And Still Has The Original Cell Doors But Painted

#15 Found Some Friends In A Mile-Long Tunnel That Travels Beneath My Apartment Building

#16 Lost Hippie Mural Found Under My Flooded House

#17 Found A Message While Removing Our Cork Floor Tiles

#18 My Living Room Was Built Around A Huge Sandstone Rock

#19 This Wall Broke Exposing Years Of Layers Of Paint

#20 Found Some Nice Drawings Under The Wallpaper I’m Removing

#21 100-Year-Old Elevator Handle I Saved

#22 These “Tom And Jerry” Type Mouse Holes Gnawed In A House Built In 1741

#23 Uncovered At A Times Square Construction Site

#24 I’ve Been Living In My House And I Just Noticed My Back Door Handle Is A Spoon

#25 The House I’m Staying In Has Kept Its Original Well As A Feature

#26 So I Just Moved Into A New Apartment, And Made A Big Discovery

#27 While Renovating My Basement We Found This Painting On The Cement Behind The Wall


#28 I Recently Moved Into A 70s Porn Motif Dream Home. This Is My Bathtub


#29 Apparently, Disposing Of Old Razor Blades Inside Your Wall Was Acceptable In The 1950’s


#30 This Mail Slot In A Building I Was In Today Sends The Mail Down 17 Stories To The Basement. Original From 1929

#31 My House Still Has Old-Fashioned Light Switches From Its Original Construction


#32 This Building Has The Original 1909 Electrical Switches

#33 Found This 20-Year-Old Promise Hidden Under The Wallpaper In Our New House

#34 Friend Tore Down His Wall For Renovations And Found This Mural On Another Wall Behind It

#35 My House Used To Be A Bank, So We Use The Old Safe/Vault As A Basement