Dad’s have always been a child’s protecting guard. There is always a feeling of security and comfort with a father. To sleep nest to your father or on top of him as a child is a sweet memory that each child remembers. These sweet moments were shared by some fathers on the Internet and they are simply priceless. So scroll down to witness these precious moments shared by proud fathers.

1. Here is how it all started

2. Other dads immediately responded

3. This kid loves sleeping on daddy’s chest

4. These images are wholesome

5. Even bigger kids want to nap alongside their fathers

6. This one includes the other family child as well

7. We guess Elmo makes all the difference here

8. This is something most dads could relate to

9. This girl feel good while napping next to her dad

10. This is too cute

11. Sometimes dads are forced to stay still

12. This is how children sleep when they feel comfy and safe

13. You can feel the love in this one

14. Like father, like son

15. This father is big enough to have both his twins on his chest

16. This photo is among the best on the list

17. We guess this girl loves nap time with her dad

18. Here is another proud dad

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19. Holding your newborn for the first time is a magical thing to experience

20. This is one beautiful image

21. You can see the resemblance here

22.This is the kid’s godfather 23. This is an unusual place for a nap 24. We also approve this one 25. This is not the father of the kid but they formed a bond 26. This is a wholesome thing to see 27. This father is a real life hero 28. These two recreated an old photo 29. These image were posted by the man’s wife

30. Here is one hilarious image

31. This dad had more than one image to share

32. This kid loves snuggling with his dad

33. This little boy is as comfy as possible

34. Here is another strange pose

35. This dad is proud to serve as a pillow