Cats are moody creatures. When it comes to their food, they always want fresh food to be served to them at dinner. Well, you would know this if you are a cat lover, that they like to keep themselves clean and tidy. However, when they are eating, they make a complete mess and look adorable. We picked up some images of messy cats when eating food images, so take a look at them.

#1 No Regrets

#2 Learning To Eat Is Exhausting

#3 Her First Attempt At Eating From A Dish Got A Little Messy

#4 Munching On Watermelon

#5 Cat Enjoys A Birthday Cake

#6 What Bolognese? I Don’t Know Who Ate It

#7 Little Kitten With A Food Goatee

#8 Cursed Milk Dunk

#9 Greatest Milk Mustache Of All Time

#10 First Time Eating Wet Food

#11 Caught This Guy Trying To Steal My Yogurt

#12 Someone Got Into The Spaghetti Bolognese

#13 He’s A Messy Eater

#14 Give Me Mooore

#15 Who Ate The Ravioli?

#16 No Regrets

#17 I Think My Cat Has A Drinking Problem…

#18 Caught My Old Mate Eating My Soup While I Was On The Phone. It’s More Than 10 Years Now That I Have To Pay Attention To Him Everytime I Eat. He Never Gives Up. I Love Him

#19 Dijon Is Life

#20 Meet Stinky Fred! He Has Chronic Constipation Issues. Yesterday, I Unblocked Him And Now He Is Feeling Good Enough To Seriously Chow Down

#21 So What If I Eat With My Whole Face

#22 Life Is Hard When You’re A Kitten

#23 The Saddest Dirty Fluff

#24 Clearly This Little Girl Enjoyed Her Meal, But Oh Those Judgy Eyes Over Being Removed For Clean Up

#25 Messy Kitty

#26 She’s A Bit Of A Messy Eater

#27 A Purrfect Mess

#28 Our Foster Kitten, Blue, Is A Messy Eater. We Love Her Anyway

#29 Super Cute

#30 My Cat Eats Like A Truffle Hog

#31 Our Kitten Used To Put His Whole Face Into His Food

#32 Cole Is Somewhat Of A Messy Eater

#33 Messy Face

#34 She Is Such A Mess When She Eats. She Gets It All Over Herself. Kittens Are So Hard To Keep Clean, Man

#35 Literally Just Can’t

#36 Have I Got Something On My Face?

#37 Food Is Not Just Eating Energy, It Is An Experience – Guy Fieri