Netflix released its surprisingly new hit ‘365 Days’ on 7th June 2020. It’s a new polish erotic drama which is going by the name of ‘Polish Dubbed Fifty Shades of Grey’. Within 2 weeks of its release, it has become the third most viewed item on Netflix.

The movie revolves around a gorgeous young woman Laura Biel and bewitching  Massimo Torricelli. Laura is in an apathetic relationship and is falling for Massimo who has imprisoned her and gave her 365 days to fall in love with her.

All the fans are hooked upon the erotic scenes and couldn’t have enough of both the characters. The fans are desperately waiting for its sequel. However, the movie is being criticized on the grounds of romanticizing kidnapping.

365 Days Season 2 Netflix

Will there be a sequel to 365 DNI?

The movie brought its fans to a teeth-clenching cliffhanger. The movie ends with Laura and her friend driving into a tunnel while she’s on a call with Massimo. But as soon as Laura enters the tunnel, she doesn’t respond to Massimo. It ends with a scene of a police car keeping guard outside the tunnel and Massimo’s break down.

Thus, the fans can’t stay patient and want some news regarding its sequel. As for now, there has been no official word on its sequel but the makers say its already planned. The progress has been delayed due to the pandemic.

The film has out outrun its own expectations. With all the viewers waiting and its transcending performance, 365 Days 2 is a cakewalk. Also, the first film is based on the first book of the trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska. So, it makes sense that the second book, ‘Ten Dzien’ or ‘This Day’, of the series will be adapted into a movie.

When will 365 Days 2 stream on Netflix?

It’s difficult to answer this question for now. The planned release is delayed because of the pandemic. Hence, it’s impossible to say when the sequel will be out. It’s expected that the sequel will be a theatrical release first and then will stream on Netflix. This might be further delayed due to the situation in different theatres.

Till then treat yourself with the trailer of the first movie. If you haven’t watched its first part, then what are you waiting for? Stream it on Netflix now!!