Feeling down and getting up is a part of life. So, keep your spirit up and do not let any kind of negativity disturb the balance of your life. 

Also, we have collected 35 wholesome pictures that will lift you up. So, scroll down to have a look.

Don’t Really Have Anyone To Celebrate With, So I thought I’d Share With You Guys. I’m One Year Sober

I Just Moved Into My First Very Own Place And Am Living 100% Independently

For Those Who Step Up

My parents split when I was in first grade. My mom met my step-dad, mark, when I was in second grade. We moved in with him by the time I was in 3rd we moved in to his house. He treated my siblings and I as his own since day 1. He even would watch Gilmore Girls with me and my sister every afternoon. After my mom died when I was 16, Mark didn’t make us go live with our biological dad. He continued raising us as his own. He started out as my mom’s boyfriend and became my dad, my best friend, my go-to for advice.

Mark ended up working 3 jobs while having heart failure, asthma, and diabetes. He did everything he could to provide for my sister and I. He passed away 6 days before I graduated college in 2016. It’s been a few years but I still have trouble on Father’s Day. He could have ditched us when our mom died and we didn’t have enough income. But he didn’t. He was there fighting to put food on the table. Happy Father’s Day for all of the fathers who fight for their children.

Thank Goodness For Common Sense. I Wish It Was Free

No Matter How Hard It Is, You Have To Try To Push Through

It’s A Good Day

Honouring A Brother

This Little Fella After Winning First Place In A Bike Tournament

My Husband Grew Up Without A Dad. My Dad Is Taking Him On His First Father-Son Camp Out Today

Important Memories On Google Maps

This Is Harith Al Sodany. He Was An Iraqi Spy Who Infiltrated ISIS And Saved Countless Lives By Stopping Suicide IEDs And Car Bombs. He Was A Hero Who Met A Tragic Death

I Am Finally Cancer Free! Really Excited To Live Life To The Fullest And Have Fun Again

At The Salt Lake City Farmer’s Market A Few Years Back

He Has Cerebral Palsy, Mitochondrial Disease, And Was In Special Education Until The 7th Grade. He Just Graduated With His Aa And Highest Honors. Pride Is An Understatement

He just received a full-ride scholarship to the school of his dreams. My son is going to rock the world as a lawyer!

My Favorite Graduation Photo. This Woman At My Campus’ Subway Kept Me Fed For 4 Years, And When I Was Low On Money, She Came Through For Me

Balloon Seller’s Kind Gesture

Art Helps Me Stay Sober For 5 Years

Nepalese Climbers Removed 2.2 Tons Of Rubbish From Everest While Tourists Were Away

Keeping My Promise To Take Her To The Beach After Having To Cancel Last Year Due To Covid

This Is The Day Our Daughter Was Declared In Remission From Stage 2 Liver Cancer

A Year Ago I Was Depressed And Suicidal. Today Things Have Gotten Better

Random Girl At Farmer’s Market Seduces My Partner In Front Of My Very Eyes

When My Grandad Passed Away My Grandmother (She Is 85) Started Learning Painting To Distract Herself. After A Year She Gave Me This Painting

I Have Cerebral Palsy, Which Has Always Made It Difficult For Me To Run And Jog

Today, despite my disability, I jogged 3km (with a few walking breaks) and I couldn’t be more proud of myself! Here I am, happily post-jog!

In France, Peyo, A Beautiful 15-Year-Old Stallion, Often Comes To Comfort And Soothe Terminally Ill Patients At The Techer Hospital In Calais

The horse always chooses which patient he wants to see, kicking his hoof outside the door.

My Local Wildlife Shelter Had One Of Their Soft Release Raccoons Manage To Sneak Over The Fence And Into The Deer Pen. Adorableness Ensued

Just Look At This Sweet Old Girl Celebrating Her 15th Birthday

Wholesome Neighbours

Still Doing Good Deeds

Another Year Sober And Another Year Loving My Life

My Best Bud And I Cleaned Up A Ton Of Trash Today On Our Day Off

I Just Found Out That My Neighbors Tell Their Dog I’m Outside When They Want Him To Hurry Up And Get Out The Door. This Is Him Waiting For A Treat From Me

Parenting Done Right

Spanish Male Teachers Wore Skirts To School After A Student Got Expelled Over It

This Is My Beautiful Niece Kourtney, (Right) And My New Niece Madi. Your Uncle Zeke Loves You Both. Love Is Love