Insults are not something that one can be proud of. But how can you ignore a hilariously mean insult that you have found online? We bet you can’t overlook it and neither can we. That’s why a hugely popular corner of Reddit r/Rareinsults exists. 

This community asks people to share ingenious, unique, super badass examples of insults. Scroll down to have a look at this great insult walk of fame. 

She Just Got Flamed Bro

Shoot Like A Girl

Its Hard Prince-Thug Life

Having Lived In Boston And Philly, I Know This Smell. We All Know This Smell

Divine Music Plays In The Background

Double Trouble Time

They Aren’t Wrong

Sometimes The Comments On Ig Ads Are Gold

Or It’d Make Steve

All I’m Gonna Say Is O O F

“Emo Princess Diana”

Great Clips At It Again

KFC > Cola Coca

France Is Garbage

Best I’ve Seen

Well, He Doesn’t Seem To Age

Come On Jeff, Get ‘Em!

Not A Fan Of British Cuisine

On An Influencer Who Has Trained His Jaw

Can’t Unsee It Now

A Prenuptial Outfit

Fresh Out Of The Crematorium

I’m Sure She’s A Lovely Woman

A “H.p. Birdbath” If You Will

Ignore The Bad Censoring

A Gem

Back In My Day, We Tried A Third Time To Upload The Same Damn Post

I Wonder If The Geneva Convention Addresses This?

I Mean Am I Wrong?

I’m Definitely Gonna Use This!

Bro What Is That On Top Of His Head??

Check Out The Legs On That Biomolecule, Though

I’m Not Sure If This Is An Insult Or A Compliment

He Had It Coming

That Comment Section Is A Goldmine For Rare Insults