Clicking a perfectly timed picture is all about luck. If you are lucky enough to get that perfect shot at the perfect time, you don’t need anything else. But if you have never clicked any perfectly timed picture yet, don’t get sad because these photos would inspire you to click a great picture. Scroll down to have a look. 

1) I’ll Take That Off Your Hands

Seriously, seagulls are the worst thieves. Or I guess the best ones. Anything you hold sacred should be left in the car or at home because they don’t care who you are, they will hoard your stuff.

2) You Wouldn’t Like Her When She’s Angry

This girl is nice enough. But when she’s angry, she turns into the crazy frog lady. Here we see her moments after transitioning. It’s a scary sight, but she’s one that you will want as an ally.

3) This Is So Fitting

With all the rage against cops, let’s look at the humble firefighter. No one has ever had a problem with these guys and here’s why. So many of them are volunteers and were made to wear wings.

4) Taste The Rainbow

Is Obama trying to steal the magical powers of the leprechaun or is he sending out love to the world? The world may never know but we do know that something insane is going on here.

5) He Has A Quest

This cat most definitely has a quest for you and it will not be an easy one. You actually have to be level 100 to unlock it, so he’s giving you this look until you get there. Until then, be gone, peasant.

6) Buddha Just Got Cooler

Trying to keep up with kids these days, this Buddhist god put on some shades and is looking at you funny. He even seems to have that lip curl and is thinking about getting gauges in his ears.

7) To Another World

Is it just me or did this guy find a portal to another world? Either that or he is getting cryofroze in a jelly of some sort. He’ll see your grandkids sometime next century. Thank you for your sacrifice.

8) Just A Little Tense

This one took me a second. But if you look at his shoulders, you can see the creepy sun giving him a shoulder rub to ease the tension brought on by a public speech. If anything, he’s making it worse.

9) Don’t Text Anyone, Except Us

This “safety” sign is telling us not to text, which is great. But then it says to text them for more tips. They should have specified for us to wait until we’re stopped to do so. Because humans need really specific instructions.

10) Two-Timing Bride

Somehow, this bride managed to kiss two guys at the same time without the other one knowing it. That’s some crazy stuff. Do you think her groom will think twice about their kids having gills?

11) Mitsubishi: Because You’re Worth It

These eyes are so intimidating. How can you concentrate on driving when you have these intense beauties staring at you? This is definitely hypnosis and I wonder what is under that tarp.

12) And She Became A Frog

This is just like Princess and The Frog. Tiana kisses the frog and turns into a frog instead of vice versa. A much better story than the original. Only this girl will probably be in good spirits about it all.

13) Reading Your Own Bio Like

This is the face you’d make if you were reading your own bio that someone else wrote. “This isn’t how it happened at all, but at least I’m the coolest character in the story and you can’t like me.”

14) Oh hi, I Didn’t See You There

This shot is so perfectly at times that so many things had to happen to make it happen. The birds, the people, the boat, the shadows, and the scenery. Now, this is a fate clothes in a feathered unibrow.

15) Here, Fishee Fishee

Do you ever see clouds shaped like something unique? That’s just your imagination. This is the real thing. This cloud looks more like a fish than a fish does. And he is looking for a snack as we speak.

16) The Legendary Birdeer

This bird likes to show off, especially when he gets to show off his antlers. He has a really nice pair so we can’t blame him and those ears look fantastic on him. What would you do if you saw him in person?

17) Never Get That

This dude should never get that mustache. If he did, he’d probably be harassed big time. Such an uncanny resemblance to a certain dictator. This man may mean well but he should be more careful with his mic placement.

18) She’ll Be Here All Week

This looks like a Disney World reject. She’s happy and ready to terrify other kids around the park. This illusion wouldn’t work so well if it weren’t for her matching clothing. The kid was born to be Minnie.

19) We Come In Peace

I’m not sure if those are his arms or antennae. But more than likely, since this is for sure an alien, it’s a new body part that humans can’t comprehend. At least he looks like a peaceful sort.

20) Finally, A Worthy Subject

Anyone else gets tired of the picture of people holding the Leaning Tower of Pisa up? It’s kind of cheesy even though I’d totally to it if I were there. However, no one can pull it off like this good boy.

21) I Can’t Stop Looking

I don’t even want to know what’s going on here. Sure, I’ve never seen a horse give birth up close but I’m pretty sure this isn’t how it happens. Maybe he too is an alien who is trying to blend in.

22) I, Cosplay

Not sure what this wave is trying to be but he looks like that peak in the background. Maybe he’s a chameleon trying to copy his surroundings. Or maybe this is what he looks like every day.

23) Caught On Earth

Look at this angel. Not only did someone take a picture at the perfect time but their subject is perfect for the job. She has the flowy sweater and white Charlie’s Angel’s heels. Yes, she got the part.

24) The Better Angel

Okay maybe to better but this might be the cutest little birdie that you’ve ever seen. She’s got the wings and she knows how to use them. Her parents are raising her right and that’s easy to see.

25) Just Chilling, Not Skiing

This is a perfectly times water skiing fail. The dude looks so relaxed but he actually just fell and is skipping along the surface on his bottom. That’s the power of a good water skiing trip.

26) Total Eclipse Of The Ball

This dude made his shot, with the basketball of course, and it went better than he expected. A photo was snapped and it gave us a “solar eclipse” using the ball to block the sun. Now that’s cool.

27) Gene Loves Ice Cream

Do you know that kid who is always trying to be intimidating and freaking conservative teachers out with shirts like this? Well, this just kidified it by letting Gene Simmons take an ice cream break.

28) The Legendary Boss

This is an amazing shot! Even if it were just the eagle, it would be fantastic. But with the dude in the background, it’s as if he’s transforming, or seeing his own spirit animal right in front of him.

29) It Was Bad Enough Before

These two have really unfortunate last names but it just got ten times worse when they stood next to each other. They probably got made fun of as kids and now those bullies have something better to laugh at.

30) No, Edward, No

I hope that this vampire is there to donate the extra blood packs that he found in his fridge. He doesn’t like O- so he gives them away regularly. On the other hand, he could be there to steal a few too.

31) Or Just Milk

This isn’t good no matter how you look at it. Either the baby is drinking alcohol or the baby stuff is on the same aisle as the liquor. Because parents need to drink? You never know about people.

32) Nice Tan, Indeed

This is what happens when you spend all summer with your shirt off and wear pants. Your legs get pasty and you get a nice upper body tan. They are nice legs though, much more feminine than one would think.

33) Don’t Step On Him

Let’s pretend his name is Oscar so we can say that Oscar deserves an Oscar for his portrayal of “white rug” in the living room. If you haven’t seen him yet, then it’s a good thing, it means he’s better than we thought.

34) Off By One

This is more than a coincidence. This is the lottery telling this dude that no matter what, they will never be a winner so they might as well give up now. That’s rough, and it might be a good time to find another way to spend your money.

35) Don’t Wear Red

This shirt-face is a good way to keep people away from the red shirts. Do you see how there are most of them despite red being a popular color? It’s because that monster is scaring people away.