There is a subreddit community that is sharing hilarious posts about first-world anarchists who don’t care about anything. It’s like they are on their way to set this world on fire (not literally). 

Scroll down to see what they are doing.

This Guy Gets It

Check Out The Peanuts On These Guys

Too Cool For School

 Do Not Flip

God Save The Queen

“Don’t Tell Me What To Do”

Firefighters > Cops

Nathan Filliom Gets It….

Things I Hate

He Jus Wanna Drink

This Kid Has A Future

This Kid Gets It

This Picture Gets It

A Fair Response

Absolute Mad Lads Troll The Dmv

True Rebel

Not Me But Now I’m Inspired

This Will Never End

If You Didn’t Already Know, Baristas Are Above The Law

The Guy Who Wore A Pepsi Shirt To The World Of Coca-Cola Museum

Bills Bills Bills…

One Of Us

Too Late

 Show ‘Em Who’s Boss

Upstanding Citizens

This Lad

Whatever, I Do What I Want!

F You, I’m Bringing My Sausages On This Bus

Bbc News Gets It

Facial Recognition

Oooohhh, This Lady Is Gonna Be Pissed!

This Vending Machine Has Graduated To A New Level Of Anarchy

A House Of God

Whoever Puts These Questions Together Gave Up Before The End

Sandwich For Later