For many centuries, women have been a victim of injustice. When a moment comes and you can’t deal with it anymore, you either ignore it or you put it out to the world. While some women choose to not give it heat, some simply decided to give a reply that involves lots of humour in it. It is difficult to put it out in words but it is even harder to hide injustice. Today, we bring you a list that is about the times that women and men called out sexism and misogyny, as shared on the r/TrollXChromosomes subreddit.

People from all age groups and professions came forward to highlight and confront the sexism on the social media platform. These are some of the reactions that we have compiled for you. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

#1 Too Many Of Us Have An Uncle Randy

#2 With Pleasure, Julianne

#3 I Agree

The r/TrollXChromosomes will be celebrating its 10th birthday on the last day of March. “We’re currently in the middle of intensive planning for the 10th Cakeday celebrations. It’ll be so much better than our 5th Cakeday shindig, folks will cry. But we can’t tell you more than that, lest our plans are foiled,” this is what Hiptoro was told when it reached the moderators.

#4 Just Going To Leave This One Here

#5 This Hurts Deep Because It’s True

#6 I’ve Never Heard This Explained So Succinctly (Credit Fu**k_patriarchy On Instagram)

We spoke to Emily May, the executive director of ‘Hollaback about how women should respond if they’re ever in a situation where they’re either being catcalled or openly harassed on the street, ” The organization aims to end harassment in all of its forms.

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May explained that women should always trust their instincts. “Listen to what your gut is telling you. There is no ‘right’ or ‘perfect’ response to harassment; however, studies show that having some kind of response (either in the moment or later) can reduce the trauma associated with harassment. If you decide to respond, do it for you.”

#7 Yuuuuup

#8 Parenting Tips

#9 As An Extremely Gay Lady, I’d Like To Co-Sign The F**k Out Of This

“Set the Boundary. Tell the person harassing you exactly what you want them to do and why. Look them in the eye and denounce their behavior with a strong, clear voice. Many people prefer to name the behavior. For example, you can say, ‘Do not [what they’re doing], that’s harassment.’ You can also simply say ‘that is not okay’ or ‘don’t speak to me like that.’ Say what feels natural to you,” May from ‘Hollaback!’ explained.

#10 Good Lesson

#11 Where’s The Lie

#12 Funny How Rarely This Comes Up With Christians

“The important thing is that you aren’t apologetic in your response, and that you don’t engage with them after you set the boundary. Oftentimes, people who harass may try to argue with you or dismiss you through further conversation or by making fun of you. As tempting as it may be to get into a verbal war with them, we don’t recommend it. The attention may further feed their abusive behavior and cause the situation to escalate. Once you’ve said your piece, keep it moving.”

Adding to this she explains what can be the second approach. “Not all bystanders have been trained to respond, but typically people do understand that street harassment is not okay and they want to help you, so what can you do to ask for that help? You will need to loudly announce to people around you what the harasser just said or did and identify them, like: ‘That man in the red shirt is following me. I need help!’” May explained.

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#14 I Want To Meet This Heroic Mystery Woman

#15 Be A Proud Spinster !

She continued: “Then tell people what you want them to do, like, ‘Can you wait here with me? Can you call the police?’ Remember that it is okay to ask for help, it does not mean that you are weak, in fact, it means that you are strong because you’re acknowledging that street harassment, in fact, hurts.”

#16 The Only Way To Get Republicans To Care About Black Lives

#17 The List Could Go On And On…

#18 Women Are Not Free Therapy

#19 They Should Both Be Free

#20 This Is So Accurate

#21 I Swear, The Audacity

May detailed: “Others use it to share their story on social media or anonymously through Many find it to be empowering to turn the lens off of them and onto the person harassing them. It often has the potential to be hugely transformative. If it feels right to you then do it. It doesn’t work that way for everyone so ask yourself, ‘Does it feel right for me?’ or ‘Is there another way to respond?’”

According to May, harassment does not get a perfect response: “There is no such thing as a perfect response, this is not your fault, and you are not alone. Take the time to recover and employ strategies for taking care of yourself.”

#22 This Tweet Hits Hard

#23 Someone Said It!!!

#24 This Is What We Want. Not The Future, Now

“The idea here is that you want you to develop resilience so that you can get out there and keep being you in the world,” May told Hiptoro.

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#25 So Basically

#26 Let Her Name Be Known

#27 Invasive, Huh?

#28 Unfortunately True

#29 Success Is The Best Revenge

#30 My Boyfriend Didn’t Appreciate This One As Much As I Did

I’m a fan of poet Dylan Thomas’ lines: “Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light

#31 F**k The Patriarchy

#32 Truth

#33 Mansplaining Fail

#34 It Never F**king Ends

#35 “Women R So Emotional”