Who doesn’t love to learn new facts? After all, they are fun, they are interesting, and they are cool. But have you ever wished to know something so weird that you end up asking yourself, “why the hell do you know that?” 

Apparently, a Redditor asked this similar question, and it went viral. Here are some of the strangest facts that people from all around the world know. 


A co-worker told me one day “you’ll know when it’s truly the first day of spring because lake water will warm up and make any dead bodies in the lake float to the top surface due to bacteria” he continued with “except for in Lake Superior where the water temperature never gets warm enough to build bacteria in a dead body” and that’s one coworker I’ll never make mad right there


When Napoleon Bonaparte died in exile, they cut off his reproductive organ and gave it to the local parish priest. The priest later sold it to raise money for his Parish and it’s been sold and resold down through the centuries and to this day there are three people who claim to own Napoleon’s reproductive organ.

No one knows why this happened, and it’s not the important part of the story. The important part is, who the hell do those other two belong to?


Dragonflies are the most effective hunter on the planet catching 95% of the prey they go after.


Rats are bisexual by nature and females will have group orgies with each other when in heat.

Male’s balls can take up 10% of their entire mass!

There was a study where they put females in ‘lingerie’ and accustomed the males to it to the point they only saw the lingerie wearing rats as suitable mates.

Rats can give into peer pressure and eat things they don’t like if everyone else is eating it.

Rats cannot burp or vomit.

With the amount of people killing pest rats by poison, they are creating bigger, smarter, poison resistant mutant rats.


In Massachusetts, it’s illegal to consume more than 3 sandwiches at a funeral.

The most random law I’ve ever heard about



You can legally marry your first cousin in Georgia.


According to Mattel, Barbie’s real name is Barbara Milicent Roberts. And Ken’s last name is Carson.



The kiwi is a bird closely related to the emu and the ostrich, despite having the size of a chicken. Nature made it small but forgot about the egg, which is about the size of an emu egg.



Cows moo with accents depending on their regions.


It was an annual tradition for the pharaoh of Egypt to masturbate into the Nile with an audience.


The first known vending machine was created in the 1st century AD and it was located in Egypt. The machine dispensed holy water and it also took coins like ours do today.



If you sneeze when coming from a dark room into sunlight, it is because of a specific gene which is named ACHOO. I know because I have it.

“Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helioopthalmic Outburst (ACHOO) Syndrome is characterized by uncontrollable sneezing in response to the sudden exposure to bright light, typically intense sunlight”


In the 1700s they used to rent out pineapples for hundreds of dollars, people would parade their pineapple around the streets flexing on the peasants that couldn’t afford to rent a pineapple


The first Pong machine was dropped off at a local tavern owned by friends of one of the developers for a test run. After a few days, the game started to malfunction. The tavern owner called one of the Devs, Allan Alcorn, to come fix it, and when Alcorn got there it was discovered that it was malfunctioning because it was too full of quarters.



The longest word you can make using the top row of a keyboard is typewriter



If people were otherwise immortal and nobody had anymore children, and you shot someone every second, it would take around 230 years to kill off the human race.



Dolphins can fall deeply in love and develop relationships just like humans can.

It has been recorded multiple times that when a human and dolphin – who have formed a strong relationship between them over a long period of time are separated:

the dolphin becomes so depressed that they willfully commit suicide by sinking to the bottom of their pool/lagoon and refuse to come up for air until they drown to death.



Clown fish will change genders if their mate dies and then mate with their children




The quickest way to the heart actually IS through the stomach. According to archeological evidence, the Aztecs basically discovered through their years of sacrificing people that it’s way quicker to cut open the stomach and then go up and under the rib cage to cut the heart out, rather than trying to break open the ribs to get through them. They could apparently get someone’s heart out this way in only a few seconds, and there are accounts of sacrifices where multiple thousands of people had their hearts cut out in a single day, which would take forever if they didn’t know the quickest method.



Your teeth are the only part of your skeleton that you actively clean