Animals have a weird way of showing affection. 

Do you have pets at home? If not, you won’t know what it is like to get a pressure gift from your pets. They have a weird way of expressing their love, but you can’t expect what you will get. Sometimes you might get a toy you brought them, or you might end up meeting a new friend that they brought home with them. So, scroll down to check out the weirdest gift that some pets brought to their owners.

#1 Atleast her gifts are useful in a sense.

#2 I wouldn’t recommend using it.

#3 Is that gift for the hooman or the cat itself?

#4 Beautiful flower for a beautiful person.

#5 ‘The hunt today was certainly successful.’

#6 ‘Would you like to play with my toy?’

#7 The doggo doesn’t want his hooman to get sunburn.

#8 Well, it is a pretty leaf.

#9 Where did she even find it?

#10 When your dog brings home a kitten.

#12 He doesn’t want Christmas to be over.

#13 ‘Look, I brought you a cracker so you can feed it to me.’

#14 Cats sure do love bringing leaves.

#15 It is someones birthday somewhere.

#16 When the office dog doesn’t want you to leave so he brings all his toys.

#17 Cat wanted her hooman to have a little duck.

#18 Not going to lie, I would scream if I saw this.

#19 This kitty wants to play badminton.

#20 Why doesn’t every cat bring their owner a rabbit?

#21 ‘You look like you need to eat.’

#22 Some cats only want to hunt mouse toys.

#23 When you find a turtle in your backyard.

#24 ‘Do you need tape? Because I have it right here.’

#25 That is a part of Mr Potato head.

#26 I know cats are hunters but I feel sorry for the bird.

#27 ‘Wanna play some dungeons and dragons with me?’

#28 This dapper kitty is apparently obsessed with sponges.

#29 This doggo brought home a live pigeon and I don’t know why that is so funny to me.

#30 That is indeed ten dollars.

#31 When you save a dog and he brings you his toys as a thank you.

#32 I really hope that is not a skull.

#33 Not going to lie but the snake is kinda cute.

#34 When you want to be treated like a baby.

#35 The dog apparently wanted a tiny turtle.