I don’t believe anyone who tells me they don’t like dogs.

That’s because how can someone possibly hate dogs? Dogs are cute, they are fluffy, they love us so much, and they are too precious. Oh My God, we don’t deserve dogs. 

It’s tough to resist their charm. That’s why dads who were once refused to get a dog are not totally in love with their fluffy boy. Scroll down to have a look. 

1. 1000% Did not want this little monster. But couldn’t live without him now.

I see someone is getting all cosy with the dog.

2. Husband: I don’t like dogs. Also Husband: I know she’s not allowed on the bed, but it’s thundering and she’s scared of thunder.

You know he has a soft spot for the doggo.

3. “I don’t like dogs, I’m a cat person”

Sure, you are.

4. At first he didn’t want any dogs, now we got two.

The numbers just increase after that.

5. “I don’t like Perros” says, my Mexican dad

He is trying to keep his facial expressions as serious as possible.

6. My dad does NOT like dogs, got it? Which is of course why he’s falling out of his chair to pet mine

That’s a lot of effort just to pet the dog, isn’t it, dad?

7. Dad says he doesn’t like dogs. It’s a good thing I’m not a dog. I’m a Precious, and that’s better.

Who could say no to this adorable baby?

8. I’m allergic to dogs and I don’t have the time to take care of one. Now I have two and I was dog sitting the third for a couple of months.

Allergies? Never heard of them.

9. With the dog he didn’t want.

Chilling with his buddy.

10. “I don’t want a big dog. I don’t like big dogs.”

The bigger they are, the more warmth you’ll get from their cuddles.

11. “I’m allergic and dogs are too much work”

The dog has clearly conquered him.

12. I don’t want to rescue her. We already have enough pets. They are best friends now. Inseparable.

A bond that will last forever.

13. Dad didn’t want a dog… now they’re inseparable and it melts my heart.

You can pretend all you want. We know you love him.

14. My dad and the dog he didn’t want.

They’re having a father-son moment.

15. Dad in 2000: “We’re not getting a dog.” Dad in 2001:

And that was the starting of a beautiful friendship.

16. “I hate this stupid animal” uh-huh, sure…

We totally believe you.

17. For someone who didn’t want a dog, they cuddle an awful lot!

Seems kind of sus. Are you sure he doesn’t love him?

18. From “We will NOT have a dog” to “I will NOT take a nap without the dog” real quick.

Wife? What wife? I need my dog.

19. “She’s not allowed on the bed”

She is now.

20. “Ugh, little dogs are not my style”…Yeah, right, now look who’s camping together…

He probably realized smaller dogs are tougher.

21. Doggo got his furniture privilege card

He is going to slowly take over the whole house.

22. Dad did not want either of them… now this is how they spend their Saturdays after they cut the grass together.

Now he needs them more than ever.

23. Why do people get dogs? Now eating ice cream with our daughter’s dog we are pet sitting

It looks like they do everything together now.

24. Fine, we can get a dog. We adopted him a week ago.

They always cave in!

25. “We ain’t getting no dog,” my dad said. This is him and our old girl 15 years later and still going strong.

Where did all the toughness go, dad?

26. This is my boyfriend and Clover who “ONLY GETS TO STAY BECAUSE YOU GUYS ARE A PACKAGE DEAL”

He definitely wanted the whole package.

27. He didn’t want a single one of ‘em.

Now he wants to catch ’em all!

28. He didn’t want a dog…

He has a car buddy!

29. “I don’t even like her that much.”

He’s struggling to keep a straight face.

30. Abby (left) and Whiskey (right) having a morale day at dad’s unit. He’s gone from “NO DOGS!” to proud dog dad.

A happy family!

31. I asked my parents to look after Peanut for a few months while I figured life out. Dad wasn’t happy about it. I am going to pick him up tomorrow and he doesn’t want to let him go.

Even I don’t want to separate them.

32. My parents seriously fought for 2+ years about getting a dog. My dad finally relented.

Dad has no regrets.

33. I’m too tired for another dog…

Well, now they are tired together.

34. Was told I had to take the dog with me when I move out, now I’m not allowed…

It is clearly his dog now.

35. Never allowed pets growing up, but here’s my dad now.

I want someone to love me like this dad loves the dog.