Imagine going to a cafe to have a nice cup of latte only to find that your favorite drink gets served in a can of Nutella or soup container. That probably sounds weird, but that’s true. 

Several people got their drinks served in a vessel that couldn’t be called a glass or cup. And then these people went to straight the “We Want Cups” subreddit to show why there must be boundaries of common sense and functionality.

Cocktail In A Bag. The Color Didn’t Help

Portobello Mushroom Latte, Me

Jello Shots Being Served Out Of Hard-Boiled Eggs

This Cocktail Comes In An Ash Tray With A “Chocolate Cigar” Straw…

I Love It When My Drink Is In A Baby Doll Head

 A Cocktail In Two Parts. Equally Stupid

Here’s One You Can’t Even Set Down

A Cup Of Milk

This Baby Bottle Of Creamer

Hot Coffee… Too Hot To Hold The Bowl. We Want Cups!! (Or At Least A Friggin Handle)

Tidepods Now With Booze

Not Even Sure How To Drink Out Of This Thing? Maybe A Straw?

A Margarita Served In An Iv Bag With A Syringe Full Of Jello Shot

A Shoe? You’ve Officially Carried It Too Far Biddy

Hot Chocolate In A Waffle Cone

Thought They’d Run Out Of Cups… Nope, This Is The Drinking Glass

Another Bathtub, But With A Ducky

Cursed Cocktail

‘For Here Or To Go’

Trashy Drink

I Bring You… The Chambong

You Knew This Was Coming

My Mojito Just Arrived In A Plastic Bag. In A Small Trolley. Smh

Just Unscrew This Every Time You Want To Drink


Cocktail In A Garden Pot

A Nice Chipped Shell To Cut Your Lips With The Cocktail

A Nice Chipped Shell To Cut Your Lips With The Cocktail

Rose Latte At A Toilet-Themed Cafe In Seoul

Just Found This Sub. Had This Crazy Thing In Toronto

Only Wanted Some Extra Ice For My Drink

I Mean, Come On Man. This Is Getting Out Of Hand

I Guess There Is Technically A Glass, The Drink Just Isn’t In It

It Must Be Italian!!!

A Friend Ordered A Cocktail And Got It In A Pouch

I Was Served My Drink In A Leather Bag