People expect their children to have the most priceless expression on their faces as soon as they are born. Well, you can’t deny that each expression of your child is priceless for you. But some children are extraordinary, that they already look much older than their actual age.

Children with wiser and older facial expressions usually have the condition temporarily. It fades away as the years’ pass. However, their parents can let the moment go away and capture the weird expressions they make. Thankfully, they share it online, so that people like us and have a good laugh. So, scroll down to take a look at what we have collected for you.

#1 Born In The Year 2020

These images surely instigate a discussion. It is an interesting topic and most importantly you learn to understand the difference between someone’s chronological and biological ages.

So, to get more clarity on the topic, Hiptoro reached out to Medical researcher, General practitioner, and founder of PrimeHealth Clinical Research, Iris Gorfinkel, M.D., who shared with us that there is a great difference between the two but it depends on individuals.

#2 This Baby Looks Like He’s Ready To Pour You A Pint At His Pub

“It’s incredible how what we do determines actually how old we are, “Gorfinkel told Hiptoro.

“Mediterranean diet has been shown to make people live the longest. Why that is? We don’t know exactly. But it has to do with a lot of vegetables, fruits, minimizing the intake of meat, but having some fresh meats, olive oil, nuts, seeds, and grains.

“Exercise holds hands with reducing death from all causes. That’s pretty awesome if you think about it. Just a half-hour walk a day can make a big difference. If you do it five days a week, you’re pretty much there. Even 20 minutes a day would be enough. The problem is the average North American walks 1.4 miles in a week, it’s actually pretty terrible.”

#3 My Son Used To Look Like Danny Devito

#4 Time To Change What?

Gorfinkel also mentioned that we humans should at least push the number a little bit. When must exercise to make things better.  And this brings us to our next topic—sleep. “Exercise improves sleep, which in turn, again, improves our immune function, our memory. Sleep has controls how much we eat and how hungry we are,” the doctor said.

All these aspects are connected. Next up, the doctor suggested that we focus on our basic habits, like consuming alcohol and smoking. “The World Health Organization has actually labeled alcohol the number three carcinogen in the world. People do not realize that anywhere it touches is basically associated with potential for cancer.” Even colorectal and breast cancer risk goes up with alcohol.

#5 My Son. Birth Certificate Says 1 Week, But The Forehead Wrinkles Say Your 80-Year-Old Grandfather Who Looks Vaguely Like A Bulldog And Falls Asleep In His Recliner While Chewing On A Stogie

#6 These Might Just Be The Best Baby Facial Expressions I Have Ever Captured! Mom And Dad Both Said She Came Out With This Same Face! Grumpy Old Lady

#7 Old Babies You Say?

#8 He’s Figuring Out Which Cup Wesley Poisoned

#9 Put Me Back Where I Came From Or So Help Me

#10 Born On The 21st Hour Of The 21st Day Of The 21st Year Of The 21st Century, Heres My Newborn Daughter Striking A Pose For The Camera

#11 At 5 Months Old My Son Already Has The Best School Photo Ever

#12 This Disgruntled Baby

#13 “Lost My Job, Lost My Wife, Lost My Binky”

#14 My Brother In Law Used To Look Like A Travel-Sized Soprano

#15 Our Baby Looks Exactly Like Gordon Ramsay

#16 The Angriest Newborn

#17 When You Gotta Finish That Fresh Batch Of Cookies But Have Nap Time At 3

#18 My Twins Looking Like An Old Married Couple

#19 My 3 Week Old Daughter Reminds Me Of An Old Aunty That Always Judging You

#20 This Baby Already Sick Of Everything

#21 I Feel Judged

#22 Had The Perfect Picture From When My Son Was Two Weeks Old

#23 What Kind Of Baby Makes Faces Like This

#24 I Guess A Lot Of Babies Look Like Wallace Shawn, But Man, Those Eyebrow Wrinkles

#25 Little Old Man

#26 My Daughter And Her Great-Great-Grandmother. I Think That The Resemblance Is Quite Uncanny

#27 2 Months Old, Not A Wig

#28 We Told Ben He Looked Like His Grampy, He Didn’t See The Resemblance

#29 I Was One Of Those “Old Man” Babies

#30 Me Running For Local Office

#30 Me Running For Local Office

#32 Picture Of My Friend’s Newborn. This Baby Has Definitely Been Through Some Hell

#33 An Hour Old And He’s Already Regretting His Life Decisions

#34 After A Successful Board Meeting

#35 I Feel My Friends Baby Needs Captioned