Have you ever came across a building that sent shivers down your spine? In short, a building that looked straight up evil? If you haven’t, here’s your chance to encounter “evil buildings.” 

Well, we are not sure whether these buildings are possessed, or inspired by the villainous collection of architectural wonders, but there is certainly something wrong with them. 

Scroll down to have a look.

This Is A Fire Station In Italy. Hail Hydrant!

The Bridge That Loki Built

I Found Sauron In Pittsburgh

Maybe All These Evil Buildings Are Just Misunderstood

When A Simple “Do Not Enter” Sign Just Won’t Do

The Witch’s Den

Boss, The Camouflage Shield Is At 66.6% And Failing!!!

100% Real Pic, Somewhere In Belgrade, Serbia

Bottomless Pit

When Your Neighbor Is A Super Villain But Everyone’s Ok With It Because- “Look At His Manicured Lawn”

Evil Babies Crawling On A TV Tower In Prague

Mars Attacks!

Clermont-Ferrand Cathedral, Clermont-Ferrand, France

When Your Church Has Frickin’ Lasers

This Bank In Germany

New Live Action Thomas Looks Intense

Riverside Museum, Glasgow, UK

The Ultimate Game Of Hide And Seek

Evil With A Twist

When An Architect Walked In On His Wife Having Sex With A Pizza Delivery Man, He Sought Revenge On All Delivery People

This Apartment Complex Looks Like A Sci-Fi Prison

When Your Character Reaches The Edge Of The Map And Can Not Go Any Further

Looks Like A Scene From Some Dystopian Movie

Imagine Seeing This Place With No Prior Knowledge Of Christianity

Mahanakhon Tower, Bangkok, Thailand

Come Home Drunk; Good Luck Finding Your Apartment

The Many Faced God Of Luna Park

Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík, Iceland

This Is A Cult Classic

Wtf I Just Wanted Some Gas

Looks Like The End Of Days In Seattle

Happy Meth Lab

This Is Where Downvotes Are Made And Distributed To Redditors Worldwide

Everyday Is Leg Day

Former Research Institute For Experimental Medicine, Berlin, Germany