No matter how hard we try to make our lives full of sunshine, daisies, rainbows, and cute cat pics, we can’t avoid heartbreaks and pain. We have to face a certain amount of awkward moments and sadness because that’s how life is. 

The ‘Sad Cringe’ subreddit shows this thing with its posts. This subreddit features pictures that reveal the vulnerable moments that we’ve all found ourselves in. 

Scroll down to see things that make you cringe until you get sad.

This Boyfriend, Who Tried

Oh Boy


11yo Me After Winning A Trophy, Actively Being Bullied In The Background

Troy, Whose Life Isn’t Quite Going As He Hoped



42 Dollars…

That Feeling Is Contagious

Sheeeeesh, Just Say No

This (Not Actually) Best Friend


One Way Friendship

Poor Dude…

No One Came To His Party

‘But Thanks’

The Fourth Boy

Unlucky Mate


Don’t You Know About The Bird? Everybody’s Talking About The Bird


Smooth Operator

The Truth Is Sad

I Have Never Felt More Sorry For Someone Ever



Well That One Hurt


This Guy Who Was Literally Just Trying To Do His Schoolwork

Bruh Moment

Friend Of Mine Didn’t Get The Reaction He Hoped For

Friend Of Mine Sent Me This….

My Tinder Sad Cringe

Found For Sale At A Second Hand Store