Oh, Instagram! We see pictures of so many people on this social media site. And when we see them, all we can think is that others life is much cooler than ours. We get amazed by their heavy makeup pictures and we start feeling bad for the way how we look and live. 

But turns out the lives of these people are not as good as they show us. There are a few people who decided to expose the heavy photo edit pictures of Instagrammers who were fooling the world. 

If you want to see the reality behind the heavily edit pictures, scroll down. 

#1 Aging Really Shouldn’t Be Something We’re Ashamed Of

#2 One Of Those Whitening Ads Again

#3 Her Entire Profile Is Filled With These!

We talked to Zaza9000, the head moderator of the r/Instagramreality subreddit. “Last year so many people have shared interesting stories from their personal lives and I really hope we can carry that into 2021.”

According to the head moderator, there have been some shifts in how people approach editing their content. Recently, there’s been more interest in video editing than photo editing, for instance. “Especially apps like Facetune2 and SNOW that allows you to edit your body and certain Instagram filters that can make your lips appear bigger and make your skin unrealistically perfect. Seeing them glitch in videos has been a really popular topic on the sub,” they explained.

“For us non-influencer, regular people of course travel isn’t always an option especially if it’s just for a vacation away. Unfortunately, there have been a few influencers that don’t care, to be blunt. Some of them feel like traveling and being on vacation is necessary and well-deserved even though people in the medical field, teachers, retail workers, etc. don’t get to just jump on a jet and get away.”

#4 Same Person – Instagram & Screenshot On Television

#5 Do Male Ig Models Count?

#6 Her Ig Profile Picture vs. A Screencap Of The TV Show She’s On

the Head of Treatment for the UKAT Group, Albuquerque, explained us “a person can be addicted to anything, but they are only suffering an addiction if whatever it is they are ‘using’ has taken over their lives, and that they as individuals have lost the power of choice, i.e. that they cannot, regardless of how much they want to, stop ‘using’. This is the effect that addiction has, it robs the individual of the ability to stop. Even if that individual is aware of the negative physical, psychological, or financial consequences, they still cannot stop. It is essential to not use the word ‘addiction’ flippantly; if a person is addicted, then they are in need of professional help and support.”

“We would say that it is more than likely that society as a whole spent more time on social media and other internet-based platforms during the Covid-19 lockdowns than before, simply because for many, their normal day to day life was turned upside down, or even stopped altogether, and so a lot of people found they had more spare time on their hands. Some people turned to social media during the lockdown to stay connected with others, which is really important and actually a healthy approach to take. Where it starts to negatively affect a person is when being on social media consumes them completely, and they no longer want to be present in their actual ‘offline’ day.”


When Your Head Is Thrice As Large As Your Thigh…

#8 Photoshop Skills Level Above 1000

#9 Yup Nothing To See Here

“If the person cannot undertake their regular day to day routine without being on social media or needing to get back to being on social media, as in they have potentially developed not only a psychological desire to be online but also physical urges begin as well, then there could well be an addiction there,” he went into detail.

“An unhealthy relationship with social media could also be recognized if the individual develops mental health illness from being online, for example, feelings of anxiety or depression arising during or after being on social media. Similarly, for some people we have treated at our UK Addiction Treatment Centres, being on social media is a trigger for them to then misuse drugs or alcohol. During therapy, we address why a person drinks alcohol or misuses drugs, and for some, it is because of their unhealthy relationship with social media,” the UKAT Group Head of Treatment revealed.

#10 This Edit Seems Off

#11 The All-New Curved Iphones

#12 She Claims Her Body Is “Natural” And All “Genetics”

“The most important piece of advice we can give is to be mindful and aware; check in with yourself during and after time spent on social media, ask yourself how do you feel? Can you now switch off and get on with your day? Any negative feelings or inability to move on from being online should be a red flag,” Albuquerque said.

#13 Croatian Singer. Yes This Is The Same Person

#14 This Guy’s Instagram Is A Goldmine

#15 Rib Removal? Nah, Photoshop

#16 The Instagram Pic vs. The Paparazzi Pic

#17 Found A Shape Shifter In The Wild

#18 A Popular Fitness Influencer (1m+ On Instagram) Who Pushes The Idea Of Body Positivity…caught Photoshopping A Thigh Gap

#19 Please Don’t Compare Yourself To Instagram. They Don’t Look Like That In Real Life. Skin Texture Is Normal

#20 Her Promo Pic On Social Media vs. Photo From Her Promo Event.

#21 A Model And TV Host

#22 Jesus What Happened To Her

#23 Uh

#24 His Instagram Pics Versus Real Life Video Screenshots

#25 This “Influencer” Who Has A New Face Everyday

#26 4k Up Top 240p Down Bottom

#27 Photo She Posted vs. Tagged. Same Woman

#28 Every Single Picture Is Like This

#29 Altering Photos To Look Like A Teenager, Disturbing

#30 Her Instagram vs. Her Youtube Channel

#31 Found On A Fitness Inspo Page

#32 When It’s Hard To Keep Track Of Your Imaginary Measurements


#33 Girl What’s Going On With Your Neck And Chest….apparently This Is For A Magazine Photoshoot Too

#34 I Think A Lot Of People Don’t Realise How Much This Girl Edits Her Photos

#35 Left One Was Tagged ” Natural beauty” And The Right One Is From A Video Like A Few Days Before And Even That With Heavy Make-Up On