When we see a “perfect” picture on Instagram, we start comparing ourselves. But little did we realize that not everything that we see on social media sites is true. Sometimes, people ridiculously photoshop their pictures and that edited photos make us doubt our real selves. It’s not fair! 

That’s why netizens are calling out these Instagrammers who are faking to have a perfect body and perfect lifestyle. Well, there is nothing like an ideal body because everyone is perfect. If you want to see to what extent people could go to make others jealous of their fake life, keep scrolling. 

He Forgot To Photoshop The iPhone Box’s Shadow

So Hot, The Car Melted

She’s 50 Years Old And Photoshops Herself To Look Like She’s In Her Late 20s. Women, There Is Nothing Wrong With Looking Your Age. You’re Not 

Not Even Craters Are Safe From Mad Filtering

 I Didn’t Know There Was A Wax Statue In Milan

Shrunken Head

Found On A Thinspo Account. Send Help

“No Filter” But Instagram Says Otherwise At The Top

I Thought People Had More Sense Than To Believe This Is Real, But She Popped Up On My Feed Because Friends Of Mine Shared Images Like This As “Goals”

The Mirror Always Seems To Expose These People

Gym Sessions Were Lit

Can‘t Believe How She Thinks That’s Acceptable

The Original Has Finally Seen The Light Of Day

I Literally Have No Words…

Blursed Rich Man

Skin? Never Heard Of It

Angles Change People

Don’t Compare Yourself To Photoshopped People

Ribs? Only For Dinner

Got That Sims 1 Graphics Look

Oh My God

So What Now, Are We Supposed To Be Ashamed Of Our… Ankles?

Had This Saved As Inspiration To Lose Weight When Struggling With An Eating Disorder. Now, I Can’t Believe I Never Noticed The Water Bending Around Her Waist

Eyes, Skin, Cheekbones… So Natural Looking

I Guess She Thought No One Would Notice Her Editing If She Blurred Out Her Surroundings

Elbows Are Unfashionable

Jawline Looking Like The Hull Of A Ship

So We Gone Talk About That Leg Or Nah

On Instagram vs.on TV

Armpits Are So Overrated

A Giant Right Arm

Burmese Influencer Claims Her Skinny Waist Come From Eating Healthy

Are You Sure About The Non-Photoshop Part?

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