Some of you must be aware of the term MLM or Multi-level Marketing. This is a model that is used by many small scale companies. The plan is to multiple recruiters and builds a network of recruiters. As new recruiters join, they get a certain percentage. the whole network is like a pyramid that keeps on making money. But in some cases, people have also lost money in the MLM. Even the big ones, the legit companies have also gone through a tough time by following multi-level marketing.

The subreddit r/antiMLM is trying to highlight just how ridiculous the marketing model can be. So, let’s skip the talking and read what people had shared.

#1 Pharmacist Student Speaks Out

#2 A “Hey Girl” Vortex

#3 I Took Great Pleasure In This! (Haven’t Seen This Person Since High School, And Even Then I Don’t Think We Ever Talked To Each Other)

#4 Fresh From Messenger

#5 Sorry Hun!

#6 Till The Day I Die

#7 Grow Up

#8 Literacy Is Your Weapon Against BS

#9 I Need To Lose Weight It Seems

#10 Thank God Lmao

#11 This Got The Big Laugh

#12 Very True

#13 It Really Feels Like She’s Trying Connect With Me On A Personal Level

#14 Women Using Her 6 Year Old Student That Passed As Plug For Doterra

#15 Mom Of The Year Over Here

#16 One Of My Facebook Friends Has Been A Professional Sound Engineer For Probably 20 Years…

#17 Found This In One Of My Facebook Groups. How Do These Huns Lack Empathy To This Degree?

#18 No Power, No Water, House Inside Is 35*f, Poor Cell Signal Here In Houston, Texas, But At Least I’m Not In A Pyramid Scheme/Mlm

#19 Bette Midler Is Not A Hun

#20 Mormons & Mlms Go Hand In Hand

#21 It Be Like That

#22 It Took Her 7 Minutes To Realize Her Mistake

#23 Hun I Went To High School With Pedals Some Bulls**t Toothpaste. She Deleted My Comment Immediately

#24 Was My Response Too Much Hehe

#25 The Beginning Of Mlms

#26 You Just Have To Hope You Don’t Ever Run Into Them In Person

#27 I Got Blocked Immediately, Darn

#28 Damnit Linda

#29 You May Have Seen This, I First Heard It As Selling Candles On Her Facebook, But… Tomato, Tomato

#30 More Mlm

#31 This Is The Best I’ve Seen So Far, Clearly The Oils Don’t Make You Happier

#32 Yeah, Lauren

#33 Glad It Wasnt A Hairy Situation

#34 My Sister Texted Me This Morning

#35 Carreer Day