There is a popular Twitter page called We Rate Dogs that rates adorable dogs. And all the time, the adorable dogs pass the rate test with flying colors. 

But sometimes, people send pictures of their dogs that don’t even look like proper dogs. In times like that, ‘We Rate Dogs’ not only rates these questionable dogs but also gives them hilarious names.

Scroll down and enjoy. 

Walking on water


East African Chalupa Seal.

Polar Bear.

Snoring rug.

Delicious Marshmallow.

Heartbroken Ewok.

31-year old son.

Taiwanese guide walrus.

Smiling ghosts.

Floppy Tongued House Panda.

Iraqi Speed Kangaroo.

Mongolian Grass Snake.

Bangladeshi Couch Chipmunks.


Jamaican Flop Seal.

 Alaskan Flop Turtle.


Urban Floof Giraffe.

Rare Canadian Floofer Owl.


Comfy Carpet.

Majestic Doggo.

Cone Doggo.


Toasted Marshmallow.

Freudian Poof Lion.

Broken Polar Bear.

Albanian Street Mouse.


Dutch Panda Worm.

Mexican Golden Beaver.

Bulgarian Eyeless Porch Bear

Camouflage 3000

Pettable Bath Dozing Tortoise.