You might have the smartest of dog breed or might have to spend money on training them a lot. But you all must have seen your dogs doing the goofiest of things they possibly can. Honestly, you do enjoy capturing your pets on camera while doing something odd. So, thanks to these pet owners who have shared these images on the Internet and we are totally loving it.

1. So is someone going to pick me up or…?

2. You’re mistaken, there’s no dog here

3. This one seems to have forgotten how to move

4. Dodging done poorly

5. Such preciousness! Can’t handle

6. I can’t see mom!

7. Who’s going to tell him?

8. These two apparently have forgotten their sizes

9. The three levels of curiosity

10. I said NO BATHS

11. This dog has completely misunderstood the purpose of a toilet…

12. Just a picture of a very happy dog

13. Someone ask the dog if he is okay

14. A dumb but cute baby!

15. He seems to have stopped functioning properly

16. Oops, sorry hooman. Please forgive me


18. I didn’t think this through, someone get me out of here!!

19. Found the perfect substitute for blanket!

20. Waiting for hooman to get free from work so I can get some hugs!

21. Yeee, I feel comfy here!

22. Was feeling dysfunctional!

23. Don’t judge me, I already feel really stupid!

24. No one’s here, move on..

25. Chaos Chaos Chaos!

26. When humans forget to feed me!

27. Doing my daily stretching

28. Paint me pink!

29. Is this a start of a new trend?

30. He got too excited to play in the park! Scared off some kids

31. When they don’t feed you the food so you try to get it yourself!

32. I feel oddly comfortable sleeping here

33. Am I in trouble mom…was that your makeup?

34. Dogs new hat

35. No one wants to play with me