In an attempt to make something unique, most designers end up making pretty jerk designs. And honestly, we aren’t surprised anymore. After all, these weird signs are all over the place and we have been seeing them for quite a long time. Uhh! 

But what caught our attention is the very opposite of jerk designs. Also, there is an entire subreddit dedicated to examples of “design that benefits the user at the expense of the company.”

If you want to see some cool designs and solutions that are actually truly helpful, stay tuned. 

Found In The Ladies Restroom

The Dyslexie Font

This Is Amazing

Let’s All Think Back To Middle School (Or Any Other Time) And Think About How Great It Would’ve Been To Have This Instead Of Needing To Muster The Courage To Ask Someone

This Sign

This Toilet Paper Roll Contains A Mini Paper Roll To Carry With You, Instead Of An Hollow Cardboard Roll!

When Tesla Has Common Sense

The Strings On This Fan Show Which String Does What

Save The Turtles

This Bottle That Is Designed To Use All The Liquid On It  

My Local Shopping Centre Has A Special Time Where The Entire Building Is Autism Friendly

An Easy Way To Ask The Company To Repair Wheels

Remember This When Walking Your Pets

Tinder Is Having Your Back When The Government Doesn’t

This Rite-Aid Has A Magnifier So You Can Read The Labels On The Medicine

China’s Largest E-Commerce Company Uses Its Boxes As Flyers For Missing Persons

Clothes Company Puts Options For Multiple Owners On Children’s Coats

Bought A Box Of Screws – It Came With The Bit Needed To Put Them In

Yearbook Picture With A Gap To Avoid Lost In Binding

If You Try To Enter The Antivax Subreddit It Brings A Detailed Warning About The Misinformation You Might Find

Design That Prevents A-Holes From Creating New Accounts

This Alarm Which Saved Me A Frantic Call To My Boss Tomorrow

Legos Explains

My New Sheets Have Tags On Each Side That Either Says “Side” Or “Top Or Bottom”

Sauce Warning

A Hot Stamp Instead Of A Sticker

This Goodyear Tire Has Tread Depth Measuring Built Into The Rubber.

During The Pandemic, This Feels So Much Safer Than Using The Normal Buttons

This Metal Slide Is Water Cooled So It Doesn’t Burn Kids In The Summer

This Verification System Is Easier Than Captcha And Not As Confusing

This Considerate Pup-Up

This School Has A Large Periodic Table On The Wall With Things Where Each Element Is Used

My Bike Seat Is Also A Bike Pump

The Way These Sardines Are Packaged With Transparent Lid

Gmail Will Detect If You Wanted To Attach A File Based On The Content Of Your Email, And Warn You If You Haven’t Attached It

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