Sometimes, we complete things just because we are supposed to do them. And in such times, we don’t really put a lot of energy because we just want to finish them ASAP. 

To show you that not just us but even designers are equally lazy as we are, we have compiled a few pictures. You can scroll down to have a look. 

Dollhouse Fishtank

Please don’t treat your fish like toys! Goldfish need a 500l tank and need a group of at least 6 goldfish. They are intelligent and beautiful animals.

Amethyst Sink

All Hail The Glow Cloud

Thanks, I Hate It

This Pot

Radiator With A Bread Warmer


These Wine Bottles/ Decanters/ Glasses Look Really Cool, But Cleaning Them? Hell No! I’d Probably Used Them Once And Then Threw Them Into A Fireplace Or Something

Cutlery Set

Dollhouse PC

Broken Ankle Bathtubs, Fantastic

Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)


They’re Gorgeous And I Want One, But They Must Be Such Dust Catcher

Cute But…

Those Poor Books!

I Love The Idea Of A Volcano Egg Cup As Much As The Next One, But You Will *never* Get All The Gross Crusty Egg Yolk Out Of All Those Crevices

The Opposite Of Mini

This Would Be A Pain In The Butt To Clean, But 11/10 Would Buy Anyway

And It’s Not Even Cute

1970s Was Such A Cursed Period For Interior Decorating

That Is The Car Of Someone Who Has Given Up, That Thing Does Not Get Cleaned

Stunning Fireplace

All Those Tiny Eyes

Stair Handle

I Would Have A Very Bad Time Checking If My Nails Are Clean Or Not


A Gift For The Coffee Lover You Also Hate

Mud, Dog Poop, Dirt, Sand…

Those Crevices In The… Whatever That Is

It’s All Beaded

Oh My


My New 1.5l Snorlax Mug That I Got From Zing. Didn’t Realise It’s Mouth Was A Big Hole

This Is What Happened In Jumanji