Not everyone can have a sense of deep empathy for others. This is what sets apart a caring person from someone who might be more interested in their own gain. It’s the same no matter if we’re part of the 1% or living from paycheck to paycheck.

For instance, you have your deeply caring stars like Keanu Reeves and Tom Hanks on one side of the spectrum and slightly less empathetic public figures on the other end. Sometimes, though, people become so fed up with just how out-of-touch some celebs and the rich are with reality, they can’t help but call them out on social media.

Below is a list of the most brazen examples of the rich and stars getting called out for their behavior to show you that wealth and prestige can’t always buy you a heart.

We reached out to have a chat about out-of-touch celebrities with entertainment expert Mike Sington, from LA. Mike told us that one thing that stars should keep in mind if they want to be more relatable is to avoid showing off their riches.

“If celebrities want to be more in touch with their fans, don’t flaunt your wealth! We know you’re often wealthy, but it does nothing for our self-esteem to see constant photos of the material goods you possess, your huge houses, or exotic vacations,” he said. You’ll find my full interview with Mike below.

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Celebrity expert Mike noted that it’s up to the wealthy to decide how much they want to help others. “You’ll find the wealthiest are often giving much of their money away because they want to, and they truly care. It’s something you don’t often hear about, because they’re doing it with the best intentions, not to impress others or promote themselves,” he explained to Bored Panda that the reality is different from what we presume.

What’s more, despite these positive acts of philanthropy, the rich often get blamed for ‘not doing enough’ and supposedly ‘hoarding’ their wealth. “People often focus on the negatives with well-known people, because it provides them with entertainment to knock someone down. I believe there’s often jealousy involved, too. It’s usually more unaccomplished people, hiding behind a screen, that look at taking down a celebrity as ‘sport,’ Mike said.

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Celebrity, pop culture, and entertainment expert Mike previously told me all about what stars are really like when you meet them in person. He’s met hundreds of stars during his career in Hollywood that has spanned decades, and he found that the vast majority of celebs are friendly, gracious, and kind.

“Don’t be afraid to meet a celebrity! The majority are smart business people, and they realize their fans who watch their TV shows, stream their music, and buy tickets to movies and concerts, are paying their salaries. They want to be nice to you!” Mike told us earlier that there’s a practical aspect to being nice to everyone as well. Though most stars are truly genuine.

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“In my experience, the one constant I’ve noticed is the bigger the star, the nicer the celebrity. The established stars have it down and understand the importance of the celebrity/fan relationship,” the expert explained.

Usually, the biggest troublemakers and mavericks are those who are new to the scene and to their popularity. “You usually only have a problem with the newer, up-and-coming stars. They at times don’t get it and may think they’re too good to interact with you. This attitude often backfires, and they realize if they want longevity, it’s actually not that hard to be nice.”

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Hollywood’s Ultimate Insider Mike added that celebrities always have to be aware of how they act. They’re _always_ in the public eye, even when they think they’re not. Because nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, stars need to be more aware of the fact that they’re always ‘on display’ than ever.

“It does take some conscious effort on the celebrity’s part to be nice, just knowing every interaction, and everything they’re doing in public can be recorded. For some celebrities, in fact, I’d say most celebrities, being nice comes naturally. It doesn’t take any special effort, because it’s who they are as a person,” Mike said.

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