Just like everything that glitters is not gold, similarly, every building that looks good is not comfortable enough to live in. While these buildings might look magical, gorgeous, and whatnot, they are surely not an ideal pick for staying in. 

There is an entire community called the ‘Bizarre Buildings’ subreddit that publishes pictures of weirdly beautiful buildings. Scroll down to see these coolest-looking buildings that are not meant for practical use (maybe).

Cat Shaped Kindergarten, Germany

600-Year-Old Clock Located In Prague Is The World’s Oldest Astrological Clock Still In Operation!

The Evolution Of This Building Can Be Seen In It’s Masonry

Unique Housing In Netherlands

Pavilion Of The Enlightened, Thailand

The National Carpet Museum In Baku, Azerbaijan

Giant 16th-Century ‘Colossus’ Sculpture In Florence, Italy Has Entire Rooms Hidden Inside

Living Like A Caveman With Modern Amenities

This Building In Guizhou, China

The Department Of Fisheries In Hyderabad, India

 The Interlace – Singapore

When Your Growing Family Needs An Upgrade But You Love That Cozy Cottage

Turtle Building

The Sheep Building (Tirau, Waikato, New Zealand)

An Original 1930’s Shell Gas Station

Japanese Moka Train Station In A Shape Of A Locomotive

This Is The Proposed Crescent Moon Tower For Dubai

This Is What Happens When The Owner Of One Half Of A Townhouse Refuses To Sell

Container House In The Desert

This One-Of-A-Kind Pixelated Facade On The Mahanakhon Tower In Bangkok, Thailand

Kazakhstan’s Tower Of The Sun By Fundamental Architects

Abandoned Potato Sorting Station In Ukraine

Treehouse Restaurant (Demolished), Okinawa

Tianzi Hotel, China

Inverted Pyramid House In Spain

When You’re An Architect Whose Brother-In-Law Owns A Struggling Window Store

The Stockholm Telephone Tower With Approximately 5,500 Telephone Lines, 1890

There’s A Huge Open Market In The Netherlands With Apartments Inside

Walden 7 In Barcelona, Spain

An Awesome Building In Chile

This Tiny House

Saemoonan Church In Seoul, Korea

When You Have The Money But Not The Land (Batié, Cameroon)

“Local Man In Altus, Ok Arrested After Firing A Trebuchet At A Group Of Girl Scouts. His Wife Was Quoted As Saying ‘I Wish I Hadn’t Given In To Him Begging For That Damn Castle Turret When We Had The House Built, He’s Been Mentally Stuck In The Middle Ages Since 1981’”

Sou Fujimoto’s “Arbre Blanc” Tower In Montpellier, France