Have you ever seen animals acting like humans? If you haven’t, you have come to the right place. A popular community called r/LikeUs was created in 2013 and it has more than 1.8 million members. One interesting thing about this community is that it has collected several interesting and heartwarming photos of adorable animals. 

Scroll down to check out these pictures.

Love Of A Mother

She Barks To Call Him. He Comes, They Rub And Greet Each Other And They Go For A Walk

Parrot Offers Some Comforting Words

Doggie Superstition

A Pig Named Lulu Saved Her Owner’s Life While The Owner Was Having A Heart Attack. The Pig Heard The Cries For Help, Forced Her Way Out Of The Yard And Ran Into The Road And ‘Played Dead’ To Stop The Traffic. A Driver Stopped And The Pig LED Him To The Trailer, He Heard The Woman And Called 911

They Support Each Other

Admiring Baby Like Us

What Are You Doing There?

This Is How A Baby Gorilla And A Baby Human React To A Cold Stethoscope

The Better Have Regular Play Dates From Here On Out

Neighbor’s Corgi Was Sneaking Onto Her Property At Night And Riding Her Pony

Just Two Curious Kids


Silverback And His Son, Calmly Observe A Caterpillar

Dog Intentionally Fake Coughs To Get More Attention, If This Isn’t Intelligent Behaviour I Don’t Know What Is

He’s Doing The Best He Can

This Is Dawn The Orangutan. She Saw Zoo Workers Cleaning Off After A Shift. So Dawn Stole A Cloth And Now She Cleans Off Everyday Too

Pikin, A Gorilla Rescued From The Bushmeat Trade, Is Comforted By Her Caretaker Appolinaire On The Way To A Forest Sanctuary

Rats Are Very Empathetic

Doggo Trying To Protect Owner From Being Burned

You Should Come Out Here The Sun Is Nice Charles

This Bear Flopping Into A Pool

This Bear Flopping Into A Pool

Dog Riding The Train On Two Legs

Dog Learns To Talk By Using Buttons That Have Different Words, Actively Building Sentences By Herself

Momma Cat Bringing Fish For Kitten

Showing Affection For Mother

Cow Experimenting With Condensation

Bird Uses His Own Feather For Some Satisfying Head Scritches

Shedd Aquarium’s Penguins Continue Exploring The Empty Aquarium During Its Closure

Curious Cows Investigate A Strange Visitor In Their Field

White Rhino Calf Chases Conservation Vets Away After Waking Up And Thinking They Were Hurting Her

Orangutan Couple Walking In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Watching Her Puppies

Banana Time With The Little One