We generally think that the world is built around men. But have you ever thought of flipping the coin? Have you ever truly thought about the perks of being a woman? Recently, one user on r/AskReddit wondered what these were and asked, “What is easier to do if you’re a woman?”

Here are some of the best answers.


Work with children.

As someone who works in early childhood education I’ve had the cops called on me three times when I took my kiddos to the park. Thankfully I know the beat cop quite well so it has never caused me any real issues, but the fact that people see “Adult man…interacting with children???” and assume I’m a violent predator honestly hurts a lot.

My team is all big, burly, heavily tattooed men, but we are all insanely qualified to do our jobs, but that all means nothing to some random Karen who sees scary-looking me give piggyback rides or do a girl’s braids. I had a bad childhood and just want to care of the little ones, kindly [screw] off.


Get support from others.

I tend to feel completely alone in my suffering, most times when I talk to someone they just wanna tell me to “tough it out” and “be a man”.

Sorry, I’m in grief from my son dying in my arms and my chronic illness has taken a turn for the worse this year and I’m just [freaking] depressed all the [freaking] time.

Yet everyone wants me to continue my life and my job as if everything is honky dorey.


Changing babies in public. Many men’s rooms do not have baby changing stations.


Seek help for domestic violence


Physical contact? If I feel like it if I need a hug, I can just cuddle with my girlfriends. I don’t think it’s that easy for guys…


Wear another gender’s clothing.


Small thing but telling what a lotion/deodorant/body wash/shampoo smells like by the label. Women’s is just labeled like vanilla or lavender but men’s get dumb names like wolf hawk or champion.


Compliment any complete stranger. As a dude, I have to very careful complimenting strangers. I will actually tell my wife, “check her hair out, it’s super cool. Will you tell her?” And she will, and it made that stranger’s day. Just wish I could do that more often without being seen as creepy.

This especially applies to children. It’s a big no-no for a 41 year old guy to compliment a child saying they look super pretty. Woman – no issue.


Getting their hand into a Pringle can.


Consoling a lost child in public (more to the perception of male threat, no matter how unfounded)


Knowing for certain that the baby is yours


Fun answer – Its easier for women to learn how to rock climb. Men will use their upper body strength as an early crutch and muscle their way up a wall, while women have to develop correct form and technique to do as well when first beginning. This leads to much better climbers from my observation.

Sad answer – physically abuse the opposite sex. Many times if a man is in a physically abusive relationship others will assume he isn’t or can’t be abused. There are numerous videos where actors has shown women hitting men in public and at best no one helps, some will even laugh. Switch the roles and everyone comes running to help a women being physically abused by aman.



Sit down on a chair without accidentally sitting on yourself.


Apparently women fighter pilots handle g-forces better than men, mainly due to being shorter and their heart not having to work so hard to pump blood to their brains (short men also handle g-forces easier for the same reason).



Here’s a fun one! Women are generally better at conserving air while scuba diving. I teach scuba and 95% of the time my female students could stay down twice as long on their first dive than their male counterparts.

It’s a big pick me up for so many tiny women who think all the heavy gear is going to set them back from the big muscular guys.



Carry anything on your hip



Daycare worker. Really any profession to do with kids


Ask for help.



Touch your friends I think




35 Takes On 'What Things Are Easier If You're A Woman'

Sales. Seriously females salespeople are on average much more successful than their male counterparts. In my industry (industrial sales), it’s an open understanding that our typical sales contact (older middle-aged male) is much more interested in talking to females than males. Huge sales buff if you are young AND at least a little attractive.

If you are a hard working, quick witted and social young female looking for a high paying job without education requirements, I would strongly encourage you to look into B2B sales. All of the technical knowledge you can learn on the job.