Are you a solid nerd-overlord who likes pointing out not-so-obvious things that make the rest of the crowd shrug in confusion? If so, we have found a perfect Reddit community for you. Its called Delusions Of Adequacy and it shares the most random, nerdy, and geeky stuff.

We spoke with the creator behind it, named Nick East. He is an aspiring fantasy author and self-confessed geek who runs both the Delusions of Adequacy subreddit and a Facebook page by the same name.

So let’s walk that forest road and see where it takes us right below!

Use Satire Responsibly, I Don’t, But I Try

Stop Being So Stupid Humans!

Nick East, the creator behind the subreddit, who said it initially started with a Facebook page, which in fact has been running longer than the subreddit, “as a place for me to save and share memes with friends.” “On it, me and an old college friend both share memes, which I find interesting in a way, because we rarely talk, but in a way we do… with memes,” Nick explained.

It’s The First Of December, My Favourite Season, The Dissing-Christmas-Meme Season

Please And Thank You

But the quirky creator of the subreddit clearly has his own vision for it. “I prefer to let people make up their own minds, I guess I’m assuming those who get my brand of humor will understand it, and those who don’t get it never will, no matter how much I try to explain,” he told us in an interview.

Nick added that sometimes he “may even be deliberately confusing.” His approach clearly reflects in the posts shared on Delusions Of Adequacy, where totally random content meets geeky and nerdy things, and even philosophy.

D&d Usually Aren’t Good, But I’d Watch This One

I Found The Perfect Description Of My Personal Delusion Of Adequacy

There’s No Time Limit On Having Fun, Unless You Put It There Yourself

The creator said he likes anything that makes people think about things, wherever that may lead them. “I just want people to try and think their way into adequacy.” In this way, you can interpret the subreddit as a lighthearted provocation.

It’s worth adding that much of the posts on the subreddit are shared by Nick himself. Thus, he believes, his sense of “humor is a big part of the appeal of delusionsofadequacy.” On the other hand, Nick is aware “it’s not something everyone appreciates, but I’m okay with that, since I’m free to post my opinions, people should be free to let me know they don’t like them.”

I Mean Printers Do Suck, It Is Known

If Ignorance Is Bliss, This Guy Must Be The World’s Happiest Little Fool

The Best And The Worst Sherlock, You Know Which Is Which…

Make It A Little Less Strange, By Staying Home If You’re Sick

Technically Correct, The Best Kind Of Correct, Until Someone Starts Crying…

I Don’t Usually Support The Use Of Math, But I’ll Allow It…

References Should Go Both Ways, Just Because I’m A Dick Doesn’t Mean You’re Not One Too

You Can Only Know Yourself, By Telling Yourself The Truth

Why Think For Yourself When You Can Autocomplete

Obvious Repost Deserves To Be Reposted Everyday…

Someone Just Give The Poor Thing A Compliment Before I Start Crying…

That’s How I Feel About Being Human!

I Like To Think I’m Eclectic, But Not Eclectic Enough For Country Music

A Sith Does Not What The F, They Are The F

Theft Is Only Theft When The Poor Do It…

Boring People Are Easily Bored…

Boring People Are Easily Bored...

First You Cry, Then It Starts To Make Sense, That’s How Know It’s Mathematics

Don’t Ask Questions You Don’t Want To Know The Answer To Xd

And Now I Need Answers As Well!

I’ve Got My Business Griefcase And I’m Going To The Office, Yeah That Works!

Lets Get Super-Weird!

There’s Nothing Like The Taste Of Stale Russian Despair

You Can Have Both, Don’t Let Anyone Tell You That You Can’t

Sound Right, I Too Hate Excel Xd

I Was Doing Homework When I Did This…

It’s Almost All Worked Out, And There Certainly Won’t Be Any New Questions We Still Don’t Know About

Agreed, Why Can’t I Just Do It Once And Stay Fit Forever?! It’s Unfair!

Family Is The Ultimate F-Bomb

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